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That the use of jewellery marks another fascinating way of revealing bits about your inner self, while adorning your body in the most beautiful manner possible, is an aspect made even clearer for fall 2014, when horizons are expanding and motifs go way beyond the typical employment of creativity. After the break, a closer look at the themes and motifs trending for the upcoming season, both on and off the runway.
2014 is the year that saw the bohemian influences develop a whole new dimension, one that speaks volumes about the weight of past, about the beauty of heritage, about the power of spiritualism. Gold chokers, delicate chains and rings, engraved arm cuffs and exotic shoulder pieces are the main elements that you can indulge in now and keep on layering against chunky knits and weightless button-downs once the weather begins to cool down. To make the most of the neo-bohemian trend, seek unique designs, handcrafted and with a history, both delicate and loud, to layer together in beautiful chaos, or wear separately for more of a subtle statement. Chic and chunky jewellery featuring crystal skulls and evil eyes, alchemy pendants with key symbols hand engraved, bearing the feel of magical talismans, tribal pieces made contemporary-chic: they all have one thing in common, as they all delve in in symbolism and the ’70s inspired mysticism. The simplest way to indulge in these magical jewellery motifs is to opt for those pieces you can actually relate to (by paying close attention to what they symbolize), while making the most of either ancient art or regional historical designs.
With the cowboy style continuing to fully exercise its influence over the fall 2014 fashion trends, it comes as no surprise that its impact managed to also shape the direction jewellery is about to take for autumn.
For a full take on the cowgirl aesthetic, don’t hesitate to style the jewellery with heeled cowboy boots, wide brimmed hats, fringing, leather and studs. With the key themes and motifs clear in mind, the jewellery styles to invest in for the upcoming fall are ones that you will also be able to start wearing now.

Delicate pendants cast in sterling silver and black rhodium, inviting you to layer all sorts of symbols together for a full Alchemical effect. On the fall 2014 runways the statements were louder, the influences more modern, the overall feel of the jewellery more luxurious. Share some style: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pin on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on TumblrWant to keep up with fashion?Once a week, we send out an update with the latest fashion trends, styles and collections.
While it’s difficult to wear layers of jewellery in the sweltering heat of summer, fall’s cool temperatures allows us to experiment with divine bedazzling jewels. This season, between chains, chandelier earrings, Byzantine crosses, oversized pearls, there is something to suit every taste bud. The 1980s are back in town as Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing resurrected the chandelier earrings on the catwalk this season with a collection of fabulous transparent plastic pendant pieces. If you have hippy tendencies, then you are in luck this season as natural stone necklaces haven’t been back with this much vengeance since the 1990s.
Love them or hate them, earcuff earrings have been making waves since the beginning of summer and it looks like they are here to stay.
Fine jewellery sales have been steadily increasing since 2007 according to Euromonitor International.
Suppose you haven’t found something suitable yet, something your significant other would love, something that would make her entire face light up when she unwraps the box you spent hours putting together with sticky tape.

Borrowing inspiration from anthropology, symbolism and mysticism, and carrying strong bohemian and western influences, the jewellery envisioned for fall 2014 is a one-of-a-kind expression of evolution. From antique metals and semi-precious gemstone, to rough and rustic golds, and sterling silver, every setting is imagined to introduce a story this fall.
Western inspired square ties adorned with denim lapis stones, geometric shapes cast in antique plated silver, double stick collars and roped in earrings make the theme nearly impossible to resist.
Which is not to say the inspiration can’t be fully translated into your everyday choice of accessories.
Roberto Cavalli, known for his wild and over the tops designs, didn’t stray too far from his signature style this year as his models wore embellished serpent earrings and necklaces.
It is based in Singapore, specialising in on-trend, affordable, fashion jewellery from necklaces, bracelets, rings to earrings in sterling silver, pink and yellow gold. At the Giambattista Valli show., models walked the runway wearing embellished evening gowns paired with large raw metal cuffs.

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