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Making jewelry is therapeutic and profitable, you can make it at home, be your own boss, work at the hours when you feel best and, above all, is a wonderful profession in which you add beauty to people’s lifes through your jewels. But why is it that so many jewelry makers, some very talented, fall along the way and never reach their full potential?
Vintage jewelry making instructions for making your very own vintage inspired butterfly necklace.
This vintage inspired sterling silver filigree butterfly pendant literally jumped out at me while I was wading my way through a Bali silver vendor stand at a wholesale bead show.
What struck me most was the hollow part behind the filigree: there was potential there to design something that could discreetly shimmer and sparkle. At home, I looked through my binder of design ideas and came across pictures of vintage Swedish pottery made by a company called Gustavsberg, and their line of vases and bowls using the Argenta process.
Wilhem Kage was the man responsible for designing and introducing this Argenta series in 1930 through the Gustavsberg company. The pictures of the vintage pottery showed signs of age, and some of the sterling silver had begun to tarnish beautifully into vintage shades of brown, bronze, and black. String a 4mm crystal bicone, followed by a 3mm sterling silver ball and then a 6 and 10mm Bali silver bead cap. Using the Bali beads as the unifying constant, continue stringing your necklace, alternating colors and shapes. Once you've completed your stringing pattern as shown, lay out your necklace into a circular pattern and then attach the fancy leaf clasp with your crimping pliers.
Well done, you've now finished the vintage jewelry making tutorial and are ready to figure out your pricing formulas. This necklace is already going to be pretty expensive since we used a lot of sterling silver, good thing it won't cost anything for emotional distress fee or genius pay! Funny thing about this is that since I started my jewelry business, the price of silver has increased 600%!!!
Don't use sterling silver in this necklace, maybe try some cast lead free pewter beads and spacers instead for almost the same vintage look.
While running your jewelry making home business, there will be times that you find the use of specialized professionals vital to your success. Usually when you first start out, money tends to be in short supply and you try to do everything yourself.
When you set up your jewelry making home business, you will be faced with a number of choices such as the legal organization of your jewelry making home business. It is entirely possible that you will be able to make these choices on your own, and we do cover the topic a bit in the jewelry business license section.
The use of a business lawyer or a CPA at this point could save a lot of headache and making costly mistakes. Do you know enough about business tax laws in your state and on the federal level to do your own taxes and make the right financial decisions such as what you can expense? If the answer is no, you should seriously consider the help of an accountant, or better yet, a certified public accountant, or CPA or an accredited business accountant, ABA. The services that a CPA can offer include financial accounting, analysis, planning, income tax preparation, and company structure advising. If you find that you are short on cash, and still want to work with a professional, consider contacting a few and asking if they would be willing to barter beautiful, artisan made jewelry in exchange for professional services or a discount on professional services.
Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. You can make jewelry tags from business cards that you have printed online, for an impressively professional look. Pamela Vale designs her tags using the business card creation feature on the online printing company’s website. Pamela adds, “I had been ordering my business cards from an online printing company for years, and was very happy with the value and quality of their products.

Pamela Vale of  Creative Potential creates handmade jewelry and accessories, with vintage and new materials. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.
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If you love making jewelry at home and want to learn all the tricks of the trade for selling at craft shows, online and to stores then read on!Never before has it been so entirely possible to run a home business than it is now with the "virtual" world of the Internet. I have a craft show that I am participating in coming up soon, so I thought I would make some and give them a try. Maybe customers will think their cute to and pick one up and where it home and actually look up my website. I would just start giving them out to people, who might be interested in what you make and sell, now! Please tell me how I would go about creating my own website as I also do not have the finances to call on a professional.I want to start a online shop and how do I get traffic to my site?
Welcome to jewelry making ideas for necklaces, where you will find inspiration and ideas for creating your own line of fantastically creative necklaces!
Most of the projects on this page are easy to make and include various jewelry making techniques such as wire wrapping and beading.
The following tutorials were written with the intent of jump starting your own creativity, so make sure you customize each of these designs to your particular brand.
Full instructions are given to make each project, but you should infuse these ideas with your own, and have fun creating things that are unique to you.
And in an effort to help you profit in your business, at the end of each tutorial there is a two part section on pricing.
The first part is about figuring out what to charge when wholesale jewelry making, and the second part is how to price handmade jewelry for retail sales. It's important to figure out your business selling strategy in two steps, as they each involve different time consuming activities (see the learning time management skills section for more information). I’ll also give you two retail pricing examples, one for an average store, and one for a store located in a higher rent district, usually found in major metropolitan areas where the monthly rent can be in the 5 figure range.
This lariat necklace making tutorial features two mismatched focals, but you can adapt the design with your favorite chain or stringing material, and your choice of beads, pendants, or gemstone settings, or any other ideas!
A mysterious carved pendant reveals its secrets and is illuminated by the soft sparkle of faceted sunstone. Orphan beads (you know you have piles of leftover beads all over the house!) are used in this tutorial featuring a carved mother of pearl flower pendant. Normally, I steer clear of dyed pearls, but when I saw this strand at a show…I couldn't resist!
Lin from Odyssey Sea Glass says, "When visiting my Mom, an artist, I saw that she had picked up gem-like pieces of glass on her local beach. Here is a simple an easy 10-points guideline to transform a hobby into a very profitable career. Friend’s inquiries about pendants or earrings really made the dream start to take shape, as it may be happening to many of you. Mainly, for reasons that do not have to do at all with Jewelry Making, and the most common four are lack of commitment, procrastination, lack of confidence and of course, lack of knowledge about business and marketing techniques.
Changing from procrastinator to effective jewelry maker takes less, I think, but many of the things that will start showing its benefits in the (near) future must start being done today!!! These distinctive pieces featured a turquoise-green glaze, with a sterling silver overlay depicting aquatic scenes such as fish, ships, and also botanical motifs. I decided to soften the color palette a bit, separating the turqoise blue into a softer baby blue and green by using amazonite and jade gemstone beads. We've used higher end materials in this vintage inspired jewelry making tutorial, so the pricing should be interesting!

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Two professionals that immediately come to mind are Business Lawyer, and Business Accountant. Will you choose sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation, or an s corporation? So I started cutting up my business cards and trying out different ways to hang and attach them to my jewelry….BINGO! I can use all the help I can get, I just opened my online shop this year, and been doing the social network thing and still not getting much traffic to my site.
Why wait ’til December when you can get a headstart on your holiday sales and get the $$ before they spend it elsewhere.
Since I'm a beach person, I began looking while walking on the shore and got hooked after finding my first few pieces! Focus on learning the business and stop listening to what people would do if they were you.
I also decided to include a touch of smoky quartz to complement and highlight some antiqued Bali silver beads that I would be using to infuse the necklace with a sense of rhythm.
Your profile contains information on your skills set and you can look around for other people that may be of help to you in your network or ask for an introduction from one of your contacts. When the purchase is completed, I ask if the client would like me to cut off the price of the item.
Everything cost money, whether it was photographing jewelry, putting together catalogues or sending out promotions in the mail.I only sold my work at craft shows and to stores. Then when it dried I cut them out in strips, formed my ring, and glued it down with a dab of hot glue. You can check out my stuff and my site, which I designed all of the header graphics, photographed everything that you see, and built from scratch by myself, without ever taking any computer courses.
But I was able to email for help if I wasn’t able to find it in the online help menu. I have never heard of business card rings, but it makes perfect sense for the jewelry business, thanks for sharing !!!
I have been lucky to transition from an era of limited resources to one of great technological advances and an abundance of possibilities.We have at our disposal access to self publication, self promotion, free networking and the ability to create beauty beyond belief.
You have a nice site, mines plain and simple, don’t have all the graphics like yours.
Every jewelry artist has started somewhere, and the lucky ones that today show their pieces on jewelry magazine covers started with little or no money and no clues about where the jewelry experience was going to take them. That business card design or new packaging boiling in your head deserves, at least, a try.
I’m working on changing out pictures for better ones and changing to shopping cart instead of buy now. I will be adding pages on selling jewelry at craft shows and how to create an easy and optimized website for your jewelry.The opportunities available to us now are limitless and the affordability of it all is a true gift. Having not had these opportunities in my early years, I come by the feeling of gratitude naturally.It is my pleasure to share the many years of experience that I have in the jewelry business and to guide you on your own path. Whether you are making jewelry at home, as a hobby or a business, I would like to share that journey with you.Please have a look around the site.
You will find jewelry making basics, information about selling on Etsy and even information on how to protect your hands from injuries.

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