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Follow the detailed step-by-step photos in this Opaque Flower Clay tutorial to learn how to make clay beads with tiny blossoms in them. You can find this project, as well as many other Polymer clay tutorials, in our free eBook, 24 Polymer Clay Tutorials: Polymer Clay Jewelry, Decor and More! Condition and roll out the Opaque white clay on the 5th thickest setting in the pasta machine. Lay the colored clay plug on the straight edge and cut a strip the width of the plug and long enough to wrap around the plug.
Make another cut in to the plug on one side of the center cut and place the excess sheet piece in to this cut and trim away the excess level with the plug side. Compact the whole plug together.Squeeze it in the center from all sides to form a little waist. Make a little pinch on one side of each of the petal logs where lines come to the outside of the log. You can pack the outside with color or you can coax the cane down by gently sliding your finger and your thumb down the dips on opposite sides. And to be clear, I did the green first, adding the white paint, and then I squeezed the excess green out of my Purdy paint brush, and moved on to the blue section, kind of blending the blue and green together where they met. That was fun to make, but it was never really a favorite of mine, and I never got around to hanging it anywhere at the condo.  So I scraped the flowers off and reused them. Yes, and seeing something finished that needs absolutely nothing else feels good when everything else is chaotic and seems like it will take an eternity to see the end.
Oh can I ever relate…we are restoring an 1885 Victorian home and can only be there for short periods of time.
Once you see something cool and creative and finished that you’ve done amid the chaos it charges up one’s batteries to get going on the seemingly never ending WORK!

That is why I, a Systems Analyst, took some autobody courses at our local community college after my husband took them. I’m likely one of those left-brained, analyst types, but I too sometimes need a project just like you have made. You slice these off as thin as possible and place on to a core of clay in the color of your choice. And I am so glad you throw in these projects because you never know when one of them is going to it just exactly to a need one of your readers has.
People like us b-r-e-a-t-h-e creativity like we inhale and exhale oxygen; it’s necessary for life!
Part of MY enjoyment in reading blogs is the sense of enjoyment the blogger gained from creating whatever it is they are making. I made snowflakes out of clothespin for package decorations this year … totally relaxing to do even with all the snide comments from the other people in my house about what a waste of time it was.
We spent probably too much time (like hours) laying out a lettering design for the office side of the door glass, made a template, picked out font style, font sizes, and all that. I think I want to decorate our Christmas tree with these this year, now to get my daughters ready to have fun making them. By making easy clay canes, you can create this look of painted jewelry just by combining a few colorful clay pieces together. Then turn the cane over and start at the center waist and rotate and press and you move up to the other end. It is not imperative for the beads I do to have the complete cane slice and when I roll these in to the core it will give the illusion of many layers.
Without it, the never ending list of to do’s can almost seem unbearable, especially during a remodel.

That scared me a little but she did use the drops, so I am most interested in what’s been your experience. I need to get past the meat and potatoes of the project so that I can take of the creative part of it (the dessert!). I very sincerely hope that is WHY they do it, because they felt like it and can’t help but create. This is a well-loved and simple technique that anyone can master, and once you learn how to create clay canes, you can make stunning jewelry, decorations, and more with ease. I keep doing this until the cane or plug is longer and half of the size around that it was. It is important to watch color that you apply the slices to, it will change the color of the petals. This part of the porch was converted in the long ago past to an office which has an entrance to the similarly added on long ago bathroom. About a week after we left our friend, who created the lettering, sent us photos of the final product installed on the door glass. It is way cool, fits perfectly with my final vision of the office room and an added bonus; it makes the bathroom seem larger. It will not be all perfect and you will have a knobby end, I take advantage of the smaller and larger flowers when I use them. The problem being that the bathroom door (a hideous luan thing painted blue) bammed into anyone using the toilet.

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