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You are welcome to come and make your own piece of jewellery anytime in the studio if you know what you are doing or if you need just a little help. One to one jewellery making tuition can be arranged if you are interested in making pieces to sell. Jewellery is also one of the options for our children’s parties and we are always happy to open the studio any evening if you would like to organise a night of jewellery making for you and your friends. Making jewellery is great fun, but we appreciate that sometimes it’s nice to have a piece made for you.
If you fancy making your own beads, we can show you how to make beads out of clay, FIMO, shrink plastic and other materials.
Wednesday I went over to Shoreditch to the Cinderela B studio for festive fun and jewellery making. There was only a handful of bloggers (including Steph) so it was really cosy and the lovely ladies at Cinderela b were more than happy to explain one to one on techniques. Rachel Jackson, the  Cinderela B founder told us how she met a lady in Rio called Cinderela Brancante (the inspiration behind the brand name) – while travelling in Brazil.
All the pieces are 22 carat gold-plated or silver-plated handmade in the Spitalfields London Studio.
I would like to say I made you the below piece from my own hands, but I took so long doing mine that I had to catch the train home when I finished.
Use the rafflecopter form to check off to enter –  leave a comment saying you would like to enter with a contact email address and sign-up to the Cinerela b newsletter.
I love the bee necklace & as bees are dwindling in numbers and so essential to the environment I would wear it in support of our bees!
This jewellery is delicate and beautiful – I’d love to enter the competition to win some!
We’re delighted to have persuaded Gulai to create a private, small jewelry making course for MWC members where she can give guidance but also – just as important !

This is a rewarding opportunity to shake off some winter cabin fever and release that inner bubble of creativity where you make something that has your own unique stamp and point of view – and you get to wear your art ! Joining the Manhattan Women’s ClubIf you would like to be a part of the Manhattan Women's Club the first step is to click on the "About" tab on the menu at the top of this page to read about who and what we're about. We provide worldwide free shipping service to all customers ignoring the price and distance.
You will find a wide range of beads suitable for adults and children, together with tools, bead boards, wire, chain and a myriad of other jewellery supplies.
Equally with all our beads, much enjoyment can be had simply stringing colourful beads on elastic – something anyone can do. If you get a group together who would like to do this, then give us a call to arrange a date. We have a stock of fabulous jewellery to choose from, all made locally in West Lothian, or you can have pieces made to order.
Some of these can be made on a drop in basis, while others are available as part of a workshop. Cinderela taught her how to make jewellery and she brought a new passion to London and a dream of setting up her own label. Instead I picked the piece that I based my design around to give-away here – The honey bee lariat necklace.
Artist Agency as well as independently as a freelance face makeup artist and body painter for models, weddings and events. Designers and makers use wire to create various kinds of fashion accessories, such as, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings etc.
If there is something you would like to see that we do not have in stock, please ask and we will try to source it for you.
The price of these workshops is dependent upon what you would like to make but is usually around A?15 a head.

They’re stocked at Warehouse online and are really affordable, I definitely need to buy something from them in the near future. Well, the larger gauge means smaller diameter, on the contrary, smaller gauge refers to larger diameter. If you only use wire to design jewelry, 18-gauge and 20-gauge wire are the most popular sizes. If you want to add wire to your beading work, you should select the right size based on the beads.
Shapes of WireJewelry wire comes in not only different sizes, but also different shapes, including, round, half round, square, etc.
And other shapes of wire are also used in designing jewelry, which can give special look to one’s designs. Hardness of WireApart from sizes and shapes, jewelry wire is also available in different degrees of hardness.
Bases on its hardness, wire can be divided into three grades, dead soft wire, half hard wire, and full hard wire.
The dead soft wire can be bent with people’s hands easily, which are often used in wire wrapped jewelry. Then, half hard or full hard wire is usually used to create large and heavy jewelry pieces, for example, metal bangle bracelets. Before start your jewelry making project, it is necessary to learn about the jewelry wire, and know how to use wire in jewelry designs.

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