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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whether looking to the histories and myths attached to our favourite gemstones, choosing a charm or talisman to suit the most complex characters in our lives, or receiving an Astley Clarke locket; this is one of our favourite jewellery collections. I’ve tried New Year’s resolutions in the past, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever completed or succeeded at a single one.
Try starting a biz and charging money for your services when you don’t believe you’re worth it… or even worse, that you don’t deserve it.
When I set my word, I thought I was setting myself up to be the recipient of all sorts of VALUE. I spent the ENTIRE year looking at all of my “bad money luck” experiences through my VALUE lens. I want to look at my life’s experiences in 2015 through the lens of COURAGE, and see what comes up. We all have shiz we can work on… and I’m choosing to work on something that I know is holding me back.
Whether or not you choose to set beautiful ambitious resolutions for yourself, I encourage you to choose ONE WORD that will act as your life experience filter. I thrift, NOT just because I love the thrill of a good hunt, or because spending mere dollars on an outfit makes me giddy with delight.
Fair trade means that my purchase is supporting a HUMAN BEING, and that human being is receiving a FAIR WAGE.
Just last week I received the most gorgeous pair of HANDMADE, FAIR TRADE earrings from a company called Kurandza. And as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer myself, I truly value the cross-cultural exchange that happens when you buy a product from abroad.
So I drove to Maine and had my mother teach me how to both hand-stitch AND operate a sewing machine. So I thought I’d talk about my FAVORITE skirt length today, and use this newly acquired too-long thrifted skirt to illustrate my point. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, then you know that my torso is longer than my legs, and that I have a water drop shape.
And BONUS – the mini skirt hem happens to fall at the leanest part of my thigh, which draws horizontal attention right where I want it to! It took me a few outfit iterations to find one that I LOVED… but wasn’t I surprised when the clincher piece was a striped, sleeveless, designed-for-summer blouse!

These earrings are a current favorite, and are handmade in Northern Uganda by ChildVoice International – an organization that is seeking to restore the voices of children silenced by war.
Next week I’ll talk about the teeth behind the tagline, and introduce you to ANOTHER group of artisans that are creating some masterful jewelry! Disclosure: I am NOT an affiliate for ChildVoice or Oh So Antsy, and receive no commission or royalties from your purchases. I'm Stasia, the crazy, dramatic (I meant to say dynamic) and sometimes funny Vermont gal behind this adventure called THRIFT ME PRETTY. To learn more about TMP’s mission, watch this sweet video I created for B-School with my daughter. Earlier that evening, Mariah entranced in a sky-blue gown at the Fresh Air Fund Salute To American Heroes Gala in New York City.A The dress shimmered with metallic threads and was paired with silvery mitts, diamond earrings and silver strappy heels.
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Not that I have a fear of commitment… I just can’t maintain the va-va-va-voom required to stick with something that quite frankly is something I’m wee bit resistant to in the first place (otherwise I’d just do it, and not call it a resolution). I’ve long had this warped correlation in my mind between personal worth and financial worth.
I know I didn’t seem to dig in and try on much that day BUT get this, in the couple weeks since, I have been wearing dresses (out of the house, even! My clients send me THE BEST most brilliant smiling-from-ear-to-ear pictures of themselves, wearing outfits that suit their soul so perfectly it makes my heart sing and my cheeks red hot with pride and joy. Not as easy as it sounds… because first I would scream, then cry, then laugh out of exasperation, then perseverate on my bad luck… THEN I would settle down and look at what was happening through the VALUE lens. I want to recognize my patterns and bad habits and practice new ways of thinking about things.
I live in a small town, so going out IN PUBLIC to take pictures scares the bejesus out of me. Be on the lookout as I take some HUGE BRAVE COURAGEOUS jumps into the wild blue business yonder!
We are a world filled-to-the-brim with so much STUFF, it’s hard for me to imagine where it might all end up. Plus, they are offering 30% off all purchases TODAY ONLY (use code “flashsale” at checkout)!!
It’s the country of Moldova (where I served as a Peace Corps volunteer), and is hand-made right here in the USA by my friend Jessica at Oh So Antsy.

I spent some time prior to the start of 2014, distilling down my number one internal negative-self-talk garbage, and then I set out to view my life’s experiences through that one-word lens. When I feel like a chicken, I want to let out a big slobbering can’t-breathe gasp, then do it anyway. They are working in safe conditions, and their lives are not on the line for somebody else’s bottom line. The women not only receive FAIR WAGES for the jewels they create, but profits from the sales go back to the women in the form of scholarships, trainings, facility development and social programs. Remember, every purchase you make will ensure a woman with HIV has the resources she needs to purchase her medication and support her family. I found a beautiful vintage wool skirt at a thrift shop that fit perfectly around the waist, but was a bit too long. Women often wonder what their ideal skirt length is, or they intuitively know what it is, but they don’t know why. She hand crafts both state and country necklaces, making this is a wonderful gift idea for that adventurous traveler in your life! I had NO idea getting dressed had so many puzzle pieces… I thought there was something wrong with me!! If I can help make you stronger, then you will in turn help your neighbor who is counting on your strength to lift them up. Most stuff that we own nowadays is made in substandard factories way across the world (out of sight-out of mind), and is produced by men, women and children that are not earning a livable wage.
Fair trade supports women’s development – meaning women will be given the same opportunities as men to provide for their needs!! Though I hadn’t touched a sewing machine or a needle and thread (except to sew on a button, which I just learned how to do!) since 8th grade home-economics class, I decided it was high time I learn! But when you look to earth from outer space, boundaries don’t exist, and you realize we are all one. Conversely, if we consume angry eggs from angry chickens, we will internalize and express that anger. I also didn’t realize how much of myself was being lost by not matching my outside to my inside.

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