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The secrets of the future are not regarded as the exclusive domain of adult hands in superstitious folk belief. Science calls the condition tinnitus, the constant buzzing or ringing some people hear in their ears which is caused by hearing loss and the result of damage to the tiny hairs in your ears. The good news: Research over the past few years has revealed that the ringing actually originates in the brain, not the ears. Since these little guys want to be put to work, one treatment idea is to retrain these brain cells to take in new sensory input, so that they stop firing spontaneously.
As #8 on the top 10 suburbs in America list, there are a lot reasons to move to Conshohocken. If you haven’t been to University City recently, let us offer you some advice: you need to – stat.
This Article Sponsored by On May 3, Philadelphia magazine’s Wine & Food Festival presented by Lexus was held at Lincoln Financial Field’s SCA Club.
Anyone who’s attended a wedding can rattle off the typical reception menu: humdrum filet, lackluster salmon, uninspired chicken. Every neighborhood has its gems, and, by now, we all know the loft-style condo has been a proven success in Philadelphia.
Let’s face it: with all of the exciting events and sites in Washington, DC, it can be slightly nerve-wracking to visit. As Old City becomes increasingly populated with shops, restaurants and a swath of other tenants, residences with generous square footage have become next to impossible to sleuth out. With the recent arrival of warm weather, it seems we all have a collective hankering for anything outdoors. Last year, when we interviewed two Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated sales associates about Ambler, you, dear readers, got very excited. I began the illustrations in 2003 - you can find the links to the 2003 - 2006 seasons below.
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A couple of references associate “book it” meaning to move fast with “book it” meaning to study or “hit the books”. I heard this usage no later than 1968 (from a co-worker in a job in left [sic] in that year), in the US Midwest.

We talked about this before (I looked it up – it was in 1999), and most of the people who knew the usage came from the Midwest. In the members of the US military of the 1960s, and its surviving human tatters today, “to book” does not mean “to hurry”, but rather “to leave the premises abruptly”. I grew up in Philadelphia in the 1960s and never heard the expression until I entered the US Air Force in 1972. We used book or booking meaning to leave hurriedly or to go fast at my middle-class suburban high school in the mid-eighties in Minnesota. I've used "book" since the mid 70's in Rochester NY so it pre dates that by how much don't know but bit was widely used all over during that time and since. The slang book was notorious for creating fights, contention, and all out discord in many junior high schools and middle schools in the area where I grew up. On page 93 of the book Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills, book is used in a paragraph with an asterisk. According to Italian superstition, an itch on the left hand is a sign of coming into money. In deference to one of these myths, superstitious people place silver coins in their babies' hands.
A team from UC Berkeley took that notion to the next level recently, developing a method for retraining the brain to make the ringing stop.
We reserve the right to ban impersonators and remove comments that contain personal attacks, threats, or profanity, or are flat-out offensive. Please note that MLB owns the rights to everything, and while I'm free to talk and paint about Cubs on the blog, MLB will not allow anything I do (with Cubs, Wrigley, etc) to be sold by anyone but them. I don’t know the origin, although I’d think it is at least related to the use of boogie to mean “go”. I know someone from Binghamton who says book meaning “move fast”, and when we discussed it in 1999, someone from Buffalo or Rochester also said they used it.
Picture the bell ringing at the end of class, the students all slamming their books shut, and beating feet. A fashionable term of the 1990s in black street usage and also heard among white adolescents. Back then marijuana was still measured in a coffee can lid; that would be a "lid of weed"(an ounce).
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If the child lets go of the coin, it is believed to signal a lifetime of struggling to hold on to money. Lighter, Random House, New York, 1994.) Random House says “book it” is influenced by “boogie”. I don’t recall any connotation of running away, but there was a certain amount of alacrity associated with it.
A variety of euphemisms (like its contemporaries bail, bill, jam and jet) for “run away” are essential to the argot of gang members and their playground imitators. It makes sense that "book it" it might have come from the military; blacks were certainly over-represented in Vietnam.
Unlike usual forums, where you can post things that are tengentially related to the topic at hand, Stack Exchange answers are reserved for answering the question only. The kids there used them to bully and disparage the character of folks who they didn't like or whom they were simply jealous of. Now I’m wondering if “Let’s boogie” has any connection, because it meant sort of the same – Let’s get going. The origin of this usage is not certain; it may derive from an earlier phrase “book it”, meaning that someone has to return home quickly in order to record a transaction. Where he lived had no particular military influence, though he does not rule out that origin. After reading here that the Dutch use it for the exact same circumstances, I am conviced 100% that it is the true origin.
The idea was to get a black and white composition book and on the front you would write the name of the home-room class. One old wives' tale warns that it is a sign of poverty, while another views it as the harbinger of a handshake from a fool.
Just a guess, but when I was in the Army, we had to sign out in a book when we took leave or had a pass so it could hav started in a like way.
Forty percent believe in extrasensory perception, and 80 percent believe in a supernatural entity.

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