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So now on popular demand and your lovely requests we are going to launch Jewelry collections which you can buy directly from us.
We are first launching her Silver Jhumki’s collection which is inspired by the motifs of traditional sarees. When I first held these pink and green Jhumki’s shown in the pictures in my hand while doing the photoshoot, I was awestruck by their sheer beauty and simplicity. Our system might take a few hiccups while ordering as we are just starting, but we assure you that Jewelry buying experience with us will be awesome and you get genuine pieces crafted at Jewelry house. We all like to gift our loved one’s with something which is unique(not too common), long lasting and most important of all reflects our Love for them.
AuGrav is one such brand which provides us various options to customise any jewelry piece like rings, pendants, bracelet, bangle. We can also customize a pendant or a ring by getting it printed with 3d image of our loved ones which makes it very personal and worth carrying with ourself all the time. Swarovski Jewelry new Fall-Winter collection 2015 is Bold and Beautiful while keeping it all elegant and stylish.
Like all the previous Mia collections, this one is also made in 14kt gold and is light weight, smart and perfect for work wear and casual occasions. Their is a wide range of collection to choose from which consists of Bangles, earrings, finger rings and pendants.
Tanishq Mia collection is focused at working women who like to wear trendy and light weight jewellery which looks sober and decent. The festivity is around and there is all the more reason to say “I Love You” to your loved ones. The collection is made in 22k pure gold and includes pendant sets, earrings, rings and bracelets. I remember my mom had a watch which had changeable straps in 10 different colors and she would often change them based on the color of dress she was wearing or simply based on her mood that day. So total we can make 36 different looking rings from this combination, that means now I can wear same ring with more number of dresses without looking too repetitive Yayyyy!!!

So go ahead and play with the colorful stones on TanishqPalette website to see how your chosen combination would look.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. These Silver jhumkis capture the Five Yard Magic and are painted in beautiful colors using enamel paints.
But searching a gift which fulfills all these requirements was always a herculean task for me until I was came to know about engraved jewellery which has a personal touch added to it. Basically we just need to decide which jewelry we want to be engraved and with want and they will do it for us.
This gift will always be loved by parents with the image of their kids printed as this way they can always keep a picture of their kids with themselves. All three kinds of shades of gold – yellow,rose and white are available in 14k, 18k and 22k.
This collection is sure to keep you warm these winters with it’s Fall colors besides other deep hues which are also included with sparkling Swarovski crystals in different sizes. In advertisement she is sporting these jewellery pieces with toned down colors like whites and black in formal and casual attires.
In this collection colors like yellow, mint green, sky blue, purple have been introduced by using large special cut semi-precious stones – citrine, topaz, amethyst etc. But at the same time jewellery should also be stylish and trendy and be a reflection of their personality.
I used to love that watch and would often request my mom to let me wear it for sometime, but then that watch weared off and I forgot about it with time. It consists of a set of 9 different colored stones and 4 colors for base of the ring(lock). The stones available are Cognac Quartz, Madeira Citrine, Black Onyx, Red Garnet, Green Topaz, Blue Topaz, Lemon Topaz, Amethyst, Pink Amethyst. These rings are perfect for office wearing or casual meetings, when you want to flaunt minimalistic but statement pieces.

These rare stone jewelry are made in silver and designed in contemporary style but still have a spiritual feel to it. Semi-precious stones like Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Natural volcanic lava beads are some of her favorite for making jewelry. She loves to watch the line move and take shape in search of an edge while keeping the forms fluid and feminine.
We had already featured her in our earlier blog post and talked about her Achievements and Celebrity GiG here. They generally deliver the product in 7-8 days time and ordering the jewelry is made very easy through their website Augrav. Love how her looks have been styled and how effortlessly the jewellery blends in along with standing out too. It comes in many colors like silver, yellow gold, rose gold, red, purple, blue, brown which can be mix n matched and look good when stacked together. You can experiment with different combinations, like go all matching with the same color attire and jewellery or wear neutral colors like white, black and add colors with new Mia 5 jewellery. With over 300 designs to choose from Mia collection aims to be the first choice of working women of India.
And the 4 kind of lock available are White gold studded, Yellow gold, Rose gold, Gold studded.
Also Sound wave rings are a nice choice as couple gift for wedding for both bride and groom with their names and sound waves engraved on it for lifetime of remembrance.

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