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A place for everything and everything in its place has always been a guiding motto in my life. Like approximately 10% of the population, I'm allergic to nickel (highly allergic), which means that all of the earrings I make or buy, have to be nickel-free.
As my collection of stud earrings in particular grew, I began to feel like I needed a better way to store them than the perforated metal earring storage hanger I'd bought several years back from Claire's (it's very cute, don't get me wrong, and I still use it to house some of my hoop and dangle earrings, it just wasn't the most convenient method of storing multiple pairs of studs). At first I tried stringing them onto a long strip of twill, which looked cute, but wasn't overly practical (and eventually the twill began to break down and get little holes in it and removed and replaced the earrings time and time again). Next I tried miniature ice cube trays - an idea I recalled reading on a beauty forum some years back - the only problem was, the wee ice cube compartments were so tiny, that (even having fairly small fingers) it wasn't always easy to fish the earrings out, or to see them all at once glance (unless they'd all been arranged facing upwards).
It was while I was cross stitching one afternoon last year that the idea struck me, why not use a tightly woven cross stitch cloth or similar fabric to house my stud earrings. A couple pairs in, and I instantly knew this was the stud earring storage method I'd been searching for! As you may recall from posts such as this one, I've always been keen on organizing things in a rainbow pattern, which I did with some of the types of stud earrings that I have here. This woven napkin measures about 14 inches x 10 inches and even with quite a few pairs of earrings on it, still still plenty of room for my collection to grow and expand, as  you can see (and should it ever blossom beyond this napkin, I'll just start a second one). When not in use, I fold the napkin into quarters (it could just as easily be rolled as well) and tuck into a tiny drawer in the counter of our en suite bathroom, where it takes up about the same about of space as a small stack of folded handkerchiefs at most (it's also super lightweight, which makes it an ideal way to take my stud earring collection with me while traveling).
I know that many of you love to collect and wear stud earrings as well, so I thought it was high time I shared this wildly easy, incredibly inexpensive, and massively quick (you can't beat that trio!) method of storing smaller sized earrings. You could also use a woven fabric like this for dangly earrings as well, just be careful to space them out so that they aren't as prone to tangling, if you're planning on folding or rolling your napkin or piece of cross stitch fabric up. If you've been trying to find the ideal approach to storing your stud and smaller sized earrings, I encourage you try this woven cloth method out. So at long last my collection finally has a proper place when it can be seen and utilized in a glance, and I couldn’t be more pleased.
There are few moments in a young girl’s life that produce lasting memories and get to be shared with their mothers.
Well, those days are over, friends, due to the technological advances of Claire’s Jewelry store. Thanks to the wonders of Santa (Emma) and a big brother (Lucy), both girls received the gift of a lifetime for Christmas.
They were totally ready and only a little bit nervous when the day came, and by a little bit nervous we mean they each cried beforehand. It was determined, during an earlobe assessment period more thorough than most annual check-ups, that both Lucy and Emma have one ear lobe longer than the other (Clearly this is fate saying that they are meant to be BFFs for life).
And we moms walked away with smiles and heavy hearts…because we know they are  one step closer to growing up. Subscribe to The Dose of Reality so you never miss a post by entering your email address in the box below! My brave 6 year old went first and would have let out only a few tears except for the fact that the piercing apparatus got STUCK IN HER EAR.
Eventually they got the gun off her but by that time we had lost my 8 year old and my sanity!
After we did the piercing, we went and had a ladies’ lunch and let the girls sit at their own table (within our line of sight, of course).

It was the summer before fifth grade, and I went to my PEDIATRICIAN’s office to get this done (getting an ear piercing is basically the same thing as getting a shot, right?) I loved it so much the following year I got second holes. The other 5, like most normal people, were done at the local mall when I was in college (my one form of rebellion, and not all at once, I might add). We actually thought about the pediatrician’s office for about 2 seconds, but it seemed anti-climactic, so we went full tilt for the mall.
I can’t wait for my little girl to get older so I can take her to have her ears pierced. I love - one might even go so far as to say "crave" - organization and delight in finding storage solutions that range from plain and practical to fun and creative for all of my collections. At various times in my life, these have been easier to find then others, but over the years I've amassed a wonderful little collection of earrings that I can safely pop in any time, anywhere without the slightest worry of a bad case of contact dermatitis breaking out.
Scurrying to the linen closet, I found just what I was looking for in the form of a cute pale blue woven cotton napkin I'd picked up for something like a dollar at a Fabric Land clearance sale a few years back. All of them were grouped like with like, regardless of colour, and are instantly visible (and super easily accessible) at a glance. Here’s to the hope that you enjoy many years of happy earring collecting and well organized storage now, too! We’ve both discussed at length how we remembered as children (far younger than ours, by the way) sitting smack in the middle of a mall kiosk (not even an actual store!) while ladies raised what can only be described as a giant, metal hole punch type instrument to our ears and proceeded to insert the plainest, smallest, strangely oblong shaped gold ball looking earring of all time into them. The huge and heavy piercing gun is a thing of the past because today’s tool resembles a tiny box that you might use to check your blood sugar. And of course, because her mother is nothing if not patient, loving and kind, she was quickly comforted by being told through clenched teeth that a babysitter for her younger sister was not procured on New Year’s Eve morning so that she could back out at the last minute. It should be noted at this point that on hand were smelling salts and a promise from the amazing girl who did the piercing that no one left the store on her watch with only one ear pierced. I know there will be a day when my daughter requests the earrings, and we’ll do it…and have the same emotions you all did!
And trying to smile and not cry because you are supposed to be a dignified adult-like person! My girls wanted the earrings but not the procedure so I made it a surprise so there was less time for panic. Luckily the girls were busy picking from the fabulous selection of starter earrings so they didn’t notice.
And all of the staff just got wide eyed and ran behind the counter leaving me with her and the gun hanging from her ear and my rising panic!
The plus side of waiting until this age—they can do the entire post-piercing ear care themselves!!
We did the SAME thing with my daughter for her 10th birthday- only Claire’s said we weren’t allowed to use a camera in the store?!!? I was seven when I did mine- my mom bribed me if I would agree to a shorter haircut (and elminate tangle combing from her morning routine). We know two girls who would love to hold her hands when she gets them done whenever the time is right! I think they also figured if we left without piercing, we might not take them back for years. We’d always said they had to be in double digits but when they kept asking we just figured…meh, why not?!

She was all gung ho and I refused to let her have them pierced until we could find somewhere with two staffers available to pierce both ears at the same time.
I like to think that the approach outlined in this post falls into both of those categories. I remember that we were not going to be allowed to get our ears pierced for a few more years, but an aunt got us earrings for our birthday or Christmas (pierced ones, of course) and my parents decided that we could go ahead and do it early. We always said the girls would have to be double digits before we’d ever consider it, but we caved a year early.
My mom did not tell my dad we was going to the mall to get my ears pierced, he did not want me getting them pierced. My neice, Gloria, who was going to nursing school came out one weekend and froze my ear with ice cubes and then took a needle and punched them through. We know lots of people who did it just that way–and they all lived to tell the tale!!
I had a bit of an earring fetish a few years ago, but as since wained and I don't wear them as often. Gone are the days of longingly gazing at your mother’s earring collection, pawing through to find a clip-on earring that you can stand to wear for the length of time it takes to play dress-up.
Courage was upped and fashion won out when their good friend Sophie got her ears pierced the previous week and said it wasn’t that bad! She picked beautiful pink birthstone earrings that she couldn’t wait to show off the minute the process was finished!
I remember going in and being surprised that they were actually going to put a hole in my ear and didn’t realize it would hurt until after they had done one ear! I like the pictures of the actual piercing, they look brave but they’re actually scared. I remember the sound of it being extremely loud right by my ear – not very reassuring when one is already nervous. Pretty sure if I hadn’t, she’d still be walking around with 1 earring two years later! I keep mine sorted by colour in my jewelry box (which has small square compartments in it). Welcome to the real world, girls, where the sky is the limit for the accessorizing you can do to your earlobe! I pierced my own ears with self piercers that I ordered from Spencer’s catalog when I was 16.
LOL I was brave and let them do both ears, but seriously, why did I not realize they would be putting a hole in my ear and it would hurt?!?!? I cannot even imagine that for my child, but at the same time it’s what I think will work. Their smiles at the end say it all – how nice that they had each other there for support! My grandpa said if God had wanted us to have holes in our earlobes, he’d have put them there.

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