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It may come as a surprise that there are over thirteen recognized piercings of the ear other than the standard lobe.  So what are they called, where are they situated, and what do people wear there?  As with all modern piercings, style is limited only to imagination, but there are definitely some basics to bear in mind. Orbital: An orbital is also a perforation of the conch area, but is done close to the helix and definitively worn with a larger diameter captive ring that loops around the outside of the helix.
For those who wear circular jewelry in their ear piercings, gauge size as well as diameter will be needed to attain a perfect fit.

Also, for industrial wearers, length will vary greatly due to the piercing’s many variations, and some will require custom bent or waved barbells for either comfort or simple aesthetic value. Use of this Website is subject to the terms and conditions found within the Legal Notice, Disclaimer and Terms of Use of this Website.

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