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You may select any birthstones that you wish from the list below:Looking for the perfect gift for any mom out there?
Stuff 4 Multiples offers a great variety of gifts for twins, triplets and higher order multiples! Personalize this beautiful necklace with your children's or grandchildren's names, holds up to four names of your choice!

Designed especially for moms in mind, this birthstone necklace for moms allows you to choose Swarovski Crystals representing the birth month of each family member as well as include an engraving of each of their names. The Filigree Family Tree Birthstone Necklace is made out of 0.925 Sterling Silver and hangs on a Sterling Silver Rollo Chain.
You can also get this style as a Filigree Family Tree Birthstone Bracelet.Click here to see our Curved Filigree Family Tree Necklace with Birthstones.

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