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Delicately crafted Bridal and Wedding Jewellery from Kerala that hold a Great significance. Jewellery comes in various shapes and designs, there are number of jewellery available in the market.
One has to be careful while choosing jewelry, as it shows the taste and personality of the person. Bhima Jewellers which provide the latest designs on jewellery fashion, the online stores are gaining its importance among the new generations. Bhima online stores also have their own catalogue about the jewellery like pendants, necklaces, earrings, armlet, bangles and etc. The jewelry culture was also considered as the status symbol for the woman of different cultures.

Earlier jewelry was considered as woman’s best friend, but now men also were jewelry to look different.
In south India especially in Kerala jewellery has a special advantage as the tradition of jewelry is much more here. Some of the traditional jewels are Kasu Malai, Mullai Poo, Malai, Maanga Malai, Jimuki, Poo-Thali, Palakka necklace, Mani Malai etc. As marriage is considered holy and pure, therefore the jewelry takes a big role in the Indian wedding.  During the Indian wedding the bride is made to look good with beautiful dresses and auspicious jewelry. These are also being made changes in their designs for the modern generation for the changing trend of fashion jewellery. The Bhima jewellery includes in it mainly of 22 karat gold, 12 karat diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearls and etc.

The young girls now a day’s started showing their interest in this traditional jewellery as they as easily available on the online stores and even this jewelry weigh less for easy handling. Thus wedding jewellery collections Kerala has number of designs and ornaments to choose from. Wearing jewelry has become a trend these days and now jewelry is seen in every occasion from a wedding to a birthday.

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