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The smaller the better.Bulky headphones may be standard-issue in first class, but these custom audiologist-fit earbuds are just as effective at tuning out engine rumble while delivering ultra-detailed highs and satisfying lows. Hand-built in California, our line of Acoustic pickups and preamps can help you capture the natural warmth, richness and resonance of your instrument.
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The first thing you notice after prying the Momentum 2.0 out of its box is the subtle and minimalistic design that manages to fuse together vintage classism and modern vogue. Easily tap to connect the headphone to your laptop or smartphone by NFC and you’ll begin to understand why these pair of cans might cost more than $400. While we applaud the Sennheiser for superior Bluetooth range that allows up to 10 metres of roaming, the ANC is always ON when you put them in wireless mode. Well, if you think it is too much to spend on Momentum Wireless 2, there are two other you can pick, Samsung Level Over and Beats Studio Wireless. Like other cans in this list if you are looking for an upbeat heavy bass, then you might want to steer clear of the Samsung Level Over. The true downside is that if you have a big ears that since the earcups are quite small, they won’t fully surround and cause discomfort for long listening sessions.
Earbuds is another type of headphones that are smaller and more portable, check out The Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds, which we included all top picks, both wired and wireless models.
Designed for the  portability and functionality, the Phiaton BT 220 still includes the matte silver control unit – battery box.
It is, however, the robust 14.3mm drivers that add the much-needed boost required to reproduce sound as accurately and clearly as any other high-end (over-the-ear) headphone. And for the avid audiophile, nothing brings greater joy and freedom than been able to enjoy hush ambient bass punctuated by well-defined trebles, without the nuisance of long cords and wires. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. On the upside, the sound quality seems to be as good as the NC10’s (which have amazing sound quality, BTW.

What I haven’t been able to test is the battery life but I’m pretty sure from the specs they’ll last as long as the NC10’s, which have amazing longevity.
Each pedal was built to capture the best of the best, with more controls, a compact design and intuitive features.
Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? It gained that reward for the premium sound over Bluetooth 4.0 supported by Apt X, effectiveness of ANC and elegant design.
The rippled leather band that runs around the headband, which is complemented by sparkling rivets that populate the interior, shows the extent that Sennheiser went to give these headphones a premium look and feel. On that note, Sennheiser’s famous NoiseGard returns here reminding you that they are still one of the best when it comes to almost total active noise cancellation-top notch.
On picking up these headphones, the quilted pattern, backed with a matte finish does a lot to reassure you that the $350 price is well-worth it. The noise-cancellation obviously works, but it’s merely above average, not as effective as wired Bose QC 20 headphones or Momentum Wireless 2 we expected. Only those of us with a keen ear for studio quality sound are likely to notice this. Given that the Phiaton has a smaller battery and an equally less powerful wireless circuitry, it is has a smaller range of portability. Such is the luxury accorded by some of the best wireless noise cancelling headphones available in the market today.
After aproximately 2 days of research, I put all together about reviews of the best wireless noise cancelling you could find on the internet.
I also asked my brother to give them a try as he’s a frequent flyer and has been using Sony’s first-generation MDR-NC10’s since 1999. Unlike the big, over-the-head style noise cancelers from Bose, Able Planet, and JVC, these are super compact and fit inside your outer ear canal.
The first time I flipped these on, I was sitting in an airport lounge with a lot of ambient noise and chatter.
Also, I think the white cord will get very dirty over time and would prefer the black unit. Along with some handful extra features like ease of tapping to connect with NFC (Near Field Communication) and folding up design, it’s extremely comfortable too.

Combine that with calming serenity achieved by the well-padded leather ear cups, and you have yourself a stellar sound reproduction that evokes the aura of an opera house or a high-end recording studio. In term of sound quality, though it also incorporates AptX, the Level sounds decent and is not as good as the Sennheiser’s, but it is a steal for a wireless headphones that costs around $350. The Studio represents something different, and it was engineered much better than other Beat Bluetooth headphones to keep all ranges tuned equally, and CNET reviewed it has a balanced sound profile. On top of that, for a Bluetooth headphones, the active noise cancellation can’t get any better than with the Phiaton, thanks to the ergonomic earbuds that clamp the lobes comfortably. Nevertheless, they will work just fine if you’re the type who carries their phone in the pocket and not in the backpack.
The review unit I received was white and had a nice opalescent and matte finish to the noise canceling unit.
And the monitor button works better in that the sound better simulates what you would hear without any headphones in, and there is no longer any sound “bleed” from the iPod (you could faintly hear the iPod play with monitor button depressed on the NC10’s).
They consist of two earbuds that are only slightly larger than regular earbuds (pretty good considering each ear bud has a microphone built-in), and a battery-powered control unit that does the active noise cancellation processing. The earbuds did not seal as nicely as the NC10’s so I didn’t think they would work that well. Sure, the noise canceling works better than the NC10’s, but the poor seal and loud hiss are enough to make me buy another set of NC11’s (the updated NC10’s) before they disappear forever. These are different from the passive Etymotics and Shures which rely solely on a tight seal to shut out ambient noise. The monitor button allows you to listen to what the tiny microphones hear (it mutes the iPod or whatever you’re plugged into), in case you want to, say, hear what the dinner choices are from the stewardess. I realized though that the noise canceling was so much more aggressive than the old ones that the overall effect was much better. The hum that was in the air instantly disappeared and the chatter from the TV and the other drunk business travelers was reduced nicely.

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