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I think the little hairy guy with the claws is popping my bike tires on purposeHead down, earbuds in, try not to get hit by a laserMy mother-in-law thought we were crazy. When the errant meteorite hit the Volvo, we shrugged it off and started using public transportation. So on the nights when the sky burns red with crisis or some silver-plated intergalactic herald is preaching doom and gloom all over the city, my wife and I plug the Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds into our MP3 players. If anyone knows a good way of keeping some of these heroes from perching on the gargoyle outside our bedroom window at night, though, I’d love to hear it.

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The triple flange design provides optimal noise protection from all the laser blasts and explosions that flood the city soundscape, allowing us to concentrate on the music or audiobook we’re listening to. And around the fourth time some villain’s robot henchman gets plowed through your wall and into your living room without so much as a “Sorry, Citizens” from whatever hero happens to be on duty that day, you start to get a little annoyed.
When I need to take a trip down to the corner market and have to jump out of the way of an automobile being thrown by some hulking gamma-irradiated scientist, the comfortable fit of these earbuds means the music stays in my ears.

The integrated volume control in the cord is great for when I want to drown out any superhero bellowing witty banter, too.

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