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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Experience Monster's legendary sound performance with a revolutionary pair of headphones that you customize to suit your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Excellent soundproofing AuraSeal in-ear design with a set of multisize silicone and foam eartips enable an optimum seal to your ear canal while blocking out 98 percent of ambient noise. The Vaas DJ Noise Isolating Stereo Headphones features Super Bass performance that gives you the ultimate music experience. More than that, I need a new receiver for my stereo, but for now, the ol’ budget is nudging me the direction of the under-thirty-bucks opportunity cost.
The chunks of failure I had up until a week ago were these things, Altec Lansing BackBeat Noise-Isolating Earbud headphones.
Now if you click the Best Buy link in the previous paragraph, you’ll find your way to customer reviews. Anyway, after I win the Chili’s Guest Survey sweepstakes, I’ll get some nice ones that make me look like a serious audiophile, perfect for listening to low-fit punk that sounds like crap.

Crystal-clear highs, powerful-deep bass, and an incredibly detailed midrange brings your entire music library to life with impressive realism and without distortion. A good seal minimizes bass loss that results from sound leakages;A micro powerhouse imagine if you could shrink down a set of studio speakers so that they fit into your ears.
Please check your inbox for an email with subject "Gadgets Matrix: Please Confirm Subscription". 40mm powerful neodymium drivers deliver outstanding sound and the padded soft cushions offer superior comfort and noise reduction in all environments. We are a bargain and offer super store aiming to provide you with the best possible prices. I liked them a lot: good bass, fit in my ears, a cable wrapped in what appears to be climbing gear that’s really easy to untangle. According to a lot of them, those Altec Lansing earbuds malfunction in basically the same way—the wires inside the cable break near the jack. While I like Apple’s design (except their stores, where it is not immediately clear where to stand when you want to purchase something) in most of its products, the earbuds are the worst. A full line of interchangeable headbands lets you express your individuality in ways you've never imagined. This is it – two precise Balanced Armature Tweeters and Woofers with passive crossovers deliver smoother and more accurate sound reproduction.

An adjustable headband allows you to create a custom fit with your headphones and the lightweight design allows you to enjoy your music without the feel of a bulky headset. Mine lasted for a couple of months, but they crapped out during a totally epic part of “Achilles Last Stand,” which is pretty much unforgivable. I’m not sure whose ear they are designed for—maybe they fit in a Nintendo Mii, but they fall right out of my head. It's Serious Audio in High Style.Impressive Sound with Super Comfortable Noise IsolationThe latest in Monster technology brings you a headphone with exceptional noise-isolating performance to keep noise out and your music from disturbing others.
We offer specials on camera's, toys, gadgets, cell phones, mp3's players, Personalized gifts and much more. They’re easy to clean (I know, kind of gross), and I guess they sound okay (not too tinny, but a little bit wimpy), but man, are they uncomfortable.
High-end audio performance that stays comfortable for hours.Express the Way You Feel with Interchangeable HeadbandsCasual.

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