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Also, included in the box is a nice carrying pouch with a zipper and a spare set of soft earphone tips. See Also:Crescendo Ear Balm Custom Earmold LubricantCrescendo Ear Balm formula with soothing aloe and other natural ingredients, significantly enhances the comfort of inserting, wearing, and removing custom and reusable ear plugs. A do-it-yourself impression kit and free Priority Mail shipping (US addresses only) are included.

In the presence of dangerously loud noise the Noise Braker acts to prevent hearing damage from extremely loud noises including gunfire, nail guns, concert music, wind noise on motorcycles and many noises commonly encountered in manufacturing environments. Please send me a free kit.I have or will get impressions locally and send to you within 2 weeks. Designed specifically for use with full custom earpieces of all kinds and is sterile and unscented.

They fit perfect and seem to protect my hearing just fine and I can still hear other noises (talking, leaves, etc.).

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