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The VA-12 is a powerful (yet easy to use), practical and self-standing machinery vibration analyser which stores data in standard formats (csv and standard wav files) enabling analysis without the user being tied to a specific condition monitoring package or particular analysis software. The ANV Measurement Systems Enhanced Long-Term Noise Kits based on Rion NL-52 are very widely used for baseline noise surveys and construction noise monitoring.
They can be run for 10 days when they are deployed with 1 of the 12 aH gel-cell batteries or 20 days if both batteries are used. The NL-52 stores the results as a comma delimited text file onto an SD card so you can open the data straight into Excel. You can also review, synchronise and analyse data from up to 8 sets of results simultaneously which is a fantasticly efficient way of reviewing baseline or compliance data collected simultaneously at a number of positions. Long-Term Vibration Monitors The Profound Vibra series of Vibration Meters are specifically designed for construction and demolition site work in accordance with BS 5228: Part 2 and BS 7385 Part 2. The Rion VM-54 and VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration program are ideal for evaluating railway vibration.
The Rion VM-54 and VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration program are ideal for evaluating railway vibration. The standard way of doing an environmental railway vibration assessment is to use the Rion VM-54 and VX-54WB1 with a Rion PV-83CW.
If you prefer to store the waveform of the passby for post-processing there are a few options available.
The advantage of using the VM-54 as a 'front end' to a data recorder is that you do get to see the acceleration levels in real time on site. Rion VM-54 Triaxial Vibration Meter The VM-54 is an easy to use tri-axial vibration meter specifically designed for environmental and occupational vibration.
Rion VM-54 Long-Term Vibration Monitors The Rion VM-54 and VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration program are ideal for measuring vibration levels in accordance with BS 6472. VX-54WB1 Ground Vibration Accessories The mounting of transducers can significantly affect groundborne vibration measurements. Rion VX-54FT Narrow-Band Fast Fourier Transform Analysis for Rion VM-54 The Rion VM-54 with the Rion VX-54FT Narrow Band FFT Analysis program provides a portable, easy to use and cost-effective narrow band analysis package for tri-axial vibration measurements.
Rion VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration Program for the Rion VM-54 The Rion VM-54 with the VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration option have revolutionised whole body vibration measurements.

Rion DA-21 Data Recorder The DA-21 epitomises how portable data acquisition (such as audio or vibration signal recording) should be.
RioNote Tablet-Form Programmable (Android) Multi-Channel Analyser The RioNote is a Rion-manufactured tablet-form multi-channel measurement platform. The revolutionary Rion Acoustical Capacity and Volume Meters enable the rapid and accurate measurement of irregular shapes without the use of liquids.
Although it has many other potential uses, the Acoustical Capacity Meter was primarily developed to measure the capacity of engine combustion chambers either on the head assembly itself (using the VM-240A) or on a complete engine via the spark-plug fitting (VM-230A). Because of the small margin of error between a compression ratio that is too high and one that is too low, sample production engines need to be tested during the manufacturing process.
As a vibration meter it will simultaneously display overall levels of vibration in terms of acceleration, velocity and displacement. AS-60 can also generate flexible weekly and daily reports which can be easily exported to Excel™.
It’s just that AS-60 is a really efficient way of managing and reviewing the data as well as carrying out a host of really practical analysis functions that would be tedious and time-consuming using spreadsheets. For information on the full range of Rion Accelerometers download the Full Specification PDF. DIN Standard 45669-2:2005 contains the specifications for a plate suitable for mounting sensors on floors and other hard surfaces.
The system directly measures and logs Vibration Dose Values with all the current applicable weightings (user selectable). You can take the output from the VM-54 and record it using a DA-21 which stores multi-channel wav files (up to 4 channels). These measurements allow the engineer to quickly determine that the compression ratio of each cylinder is correct in far less time than it would normally take, using the traditional oil-filling (Biuret) method. If the compression ratio is too high the fuel-air mixture will self combust before the compression stroke is completed, causing inefficiency, reduced power and potential damage to the engine. Using the traditional Biuret method only a small number of engines can be tested because testing each cylinder can take around 30 minutes and requires a high level of skill.
The full colour backlit screen is visible in all lighting conditions and the user can see the characteristics of the vibration data and measurement parameters properly whilst on site.

As an FFT analyser it will show the (instantaneous, linear or exponentially averaged or maximum) spectrum in terms of acceleration, velocity or displacement.
They are also widely used for windfarm baseline surveys and have successfully survived some of the harshest weather conditions to be found in the UK. If your are carrying out your measurement in octave or third ocatve bands you will require the AS-60RT version fo the software whuch supports this. The ANV Measurement Systems DIN Plate provides a means of mounting the Rion PV-83CW triaxial groundborne vibration sensor in accordance with DIN 45669-2:2005 for measurements on hard surfaces. There are several options for looking at the vibration levels in more detail or over a more extended frequency range.
In addition to the DA-20 Viewer Software that is provided with the DA-21, we can provide Prosig DATs Lite. Compression which is below the optimum will lead to lower energy being produced by the blast and consequently lower power and efficiency. The waveform for each vibration parameter can be viewed when the meter is put in Time mode. AS-60 is especially useful when you have audio data because it displays file icons for the audio recordings upon zoomable level-time graphs of the survey data. The DIN Plate can also be used with an optional attachment for mounting three single axis accelerometers (such as Rion PV-87s for maximum sensitivity across an extended frequency range) for measurements on hard surfaces.
With the data stored to compact flash in the form of a comma separated variable text file you can open it directly into excel via a card reader.
A good choice for a wider frequency range is to use three PV-87 high-sensitivity, full-range accelerometers via a Rion VP-80 3 channel charge amp. However, you need to be aware that if you are using the VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration program the outputs of the VM-54 will be subject to the weightings you have selected (or the band-limiting curves set out in ISO 8041 if you switch the weightings off) so if you want the completely raw vibration data you will have to unload the VX-54WB1 program from the VM-54 (which only takes a matter of seconds). Finally, the instrument can also store calibrated wav files to the SD card allowing full post processing on any measured signals using whatever post processing software you have available (as long as it can read a standard wav file).

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