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Add a dot of antibacterial liquid on a clean cotton cloth and swab it around the nose to remove any infection. We have an example of all of those piercings in our collection so please enjoy and hopefully you learn a thing or two. Treating the infection with cotton swab dipped in sea salt water will help in getting it healed. Wearing jewelry that is not compatible to the size of the nose, using metals and plastic jewelry on noses can cause infection.

They go through the little piece of flesh that separates the two nostrils on the inside of the nose. In severe cases, it can give out whitish yellow discharge of pus from the nose, when it develops inflammation. A nasal tip piercing goes through the front tip of the nose and will most likely leave a funny indention there for the rest of your life. An austin bar piercing goes horizontal through the tip of the nose and a bridge piercing as you might have guessed, goes through the bridge of the nose.

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