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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Whatever happens in the sound intensity range under 75 dB is relatively safe (see article Sound to get familiar with this scale). The areas that are severely exposed to this type of hazard are: agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation, military, music (musicians, sound engineers, …). Even if we are professionally not involved in any of the areas above, we daily listen to artificial sound sources (music, TV). A permanent hearing damage can be of various intensities, from loosing the perception of a higher frequency range (muffled sound) to a partial or complete hearing loss (deafness). Nothing of the above mentioned has been really proven to work well, so the best way to avoid NIHL is just to avoid it with a proper protection. Wallabies star exploits glaring loophole in rugby's laws - then calls for cricket-style reviews! A former local council vehicle maintenance worker from Aberdare has received a four-figure settlement after suffering hearing loss as a result of working in noisy conditions.

According to the law firm who represented him, David Thomas suffered permanent noise-induced hearing loss after being exposed to high levels of noise while working with heavy machinery and hand-held power tools without the appropriate ear protection. The 72-year-old married grandfather of three instructed specialist industrial illness lawyers to investigate the working conditions he endured. The law firm Irwin Mitchell said they found that he was not given the correct equipment to protect him while working in a loud environment, which ultimately led to him suffering from a loss of hearing. The firm has now secured Mr Thomas an undisclosed settlement from his former employers to cover his pain and suffering and contribute to the cost of hearing aids and devices he now needs. Mr Thomas worked for Cynon Valley Borough Council, which now forms part of Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, between 1969 and 1986 where he was employed as a maintenance fitter. In this job, he repaired council-owned vehicles with heavy machinery and hand-held power tools, such as electric grinders, air chisels and impact wrenches. Irwin Mitchell said Mr Thomas was also exposed to noise from the waste pulverising plant adjacent to the councila€™s Pontcynon workshop, as well as the revving of vehicles and other equipment being fixed at the premises. Mark Lennon, a workplace illness specialist representing Mr Thomas, said: a€?We represent many people who have worked for years in noisy environments but were not given the appropriate ear protection.

Mr Thomas, who lives with his wife Gwyneth, said: a€?I am delighted and relieved that my former employer has agreed to the terms of settlement and I can now move on. These are a very sensitive part of the inner ear and when damaged, they don't grow back again.
Surely, music needs to be listened to at a proper volume to reveal its true dynamics, but it is also important not to exceed safe parameters.
I also suffer with tinnitus and I need to have my telephone and TV turned up very loud to hear them. Listening to music through headphones needs particular attention,because the sound pressure is concentrated directly into the ear.
Resting ears between listening sessions can be very beneficial to the ears, so they can recover.

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