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Oddly enough, treating rotator cuff tears does not necessarily mean healing the injured tendon.
In regards to a rotator cuff tear, physical therapy can help by improving the mechanics of shoulder muscles. As with any pain or injury, it is important to treat sooner rather than later, especially for a body part as critical as the shoulder. Arthur began to work in outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, as well as in the wound care and burn care units acquiring expansive experience with diverse diagnoses. Having worked in the acute setting, Arthur understood the early phases of healing which profoundly relate to various conditions which he now treats in the output setting.
In 1998, he joined forces with Bruno Steiner in order to treat chronic and acute orthopedic pain, and promote the benefits of manual therapy in the greater New Orleans area. Arthur Cormier is licensed to practice physical therapy in the state of Louisiana and is in good standing with the state board of Louisiana physical therapy examiners. Adding to his foundation of manual therapy from LSU, Arthur continued his extensive post graduate continuing education with Michigan State University College of Osteopathy, University of St. When someone has shoulder pain, it is often referring to inflammation or a tear of the tendons that connect the rotator cuff to the bone.

Shoulder pain can be relieved by reduced inflammation and restored joint functions, which is where physical therapy comes into play. It is important to think of arms, like the entire body, as a single entity that functions only when all parts are working in equal harmony.
Contact us at Action Reaction Physical Therapy for a health evaluation and begin the road to recovery.
Cormier, having served greater Baton Rouge community then sought a center which supported, specialized and dedicated itself to the treatment methodology. Augustine School of Physical Therapy, the Myofascial Release Institute, the Upledger Institute, all of which focus intensively on manual therapeutic disciplines. At Action Reaction Physical Therapy, our therapists work with you to get you on track to be your healthiest, happiest self.
Physical therapy will not heal a torn rotator cuff tendon, but it is beneficial as treatment along with anti-inflammatory medications. Many shoulder muscles are emphasized during exercise while others are neglected, which can cause such injury as a rotator cuff tear.
Arthur has also been awarded scholastic credit through Creighton University school of Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy can help treat shoulder injuries, one of the most common being a rotator cuff tear. Studies have shown that 30% of people under age 70 have a rotator cuff tear with no symptoms of pain. Physical therapy targets those smaller muscles and tendons that are equally as important in the shoulders’ function.
Adding to his tremendous academic achievements, he holds a law degree from LSU and is a current member of the Louisiana State Bar Association.
Strengthening these supporting muscles improves the joint mechanics and compensates for the damaged tendon, restoring shoulder ability.

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