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Piercing is done as a fashion in many parts of the body like nose, lip, nipples, ears and nose.
Normally piercing gets infected depending on the area in which piercing is done and on the tools used for piercing. The area in which piercing is done will be pinkish red for some days and it will assume normal color in few days. Ear piercing is common, traditional and widespread tradition that almost is not even considered as piercing.
Punctures in the ears heal quickly enough, and almost any piercing can heal for a fortnight.
In this HQ image, you can actually see the hole in Jennifer's earlobe where it had been pierced. Rolf Buchholz, 52-year-old from Dortmund, Germany, has a total of 453 studs and rings all over his body, and has been acknowledged by Guinness as 'the most pierced man in the world'.

The 52-year-old computer expert discovered the world of piercing 11 years ago, and loved it so much that he has since then had 453 piercings in various parts of his body.
Although he has more piercings than any other man in the world, Rolf Bucholz has a long way to go if he wants to become the most pierced person in the world, seeing as Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman in the world, sport almost 7,000 piercings all over her body. Danaxia landforms are colourful rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China. For instance the private parts like genitals and lip are more prone to develop infection than other parts of the body, since it has more moisture content.
Ear pierced in several places – and a fan from a variety of body piercing jewelry on the ears begin to please fans of piercing eyes. In this HQ image, you can actually see the hole in Jennifer's earlobe where it had been pierced.. Apart from his passion for piercings, Bucholz also has a thing for tattoos, and sports a full body suit that covers his entire torso and limbs. You may also feel irritating pain and itching sensation on that area, it can be due to infection.

Traditionally, the piercing of ears satisfied for carrying conventional or precious earrings – in the form of rings, broaches, studs, etc. Rolf has 278 piercings in his genital region, 94 piercings in and around his lips, 25 in his eyebrows and 8 in his nose. Normally it takes 2 to 3 days for the skin to get healed but sometimes it may develop into severe infection giving pain and inflammation on the affected part. Do not delay in visiting your doctor if the piercing infection does not settle down in one or two days. There is chance for infection to develop if unsterilized tools and needles are used for piercing the skin.

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