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OTOSCOPIC EXAMINATION Definition The examination of the ear canal and tympanic membrane through the use of an otoscope.
Excessive Cerumen If you cant see at least half the TM, then cleaning is recommended If the TM is normal, proceed with hearing test and refer for removal 29 Photos courtesy of Dr. Even the most dedicated analog enthusiast might want a digital option now and then, if for no other reason but convenience. Another well-ridden audiophile warhorse, Tapestry has been remastered a number of times on multiple formats.

On initial spin, if you think this record is not really up to audiophile standards, dig out your original and you’ll be surprised at just how terrible the latter sounds.  While this pressing still sounds somewhat hot on the top end (part of which might be the result of Mr.
Back in the beginning of 1979, when this record made its debut, it became a demo staple in every hi-fi store.
All the same sonic attributes apply, but this one goes to 11.  Whisper-quiet backgrounds, and thanks to an analog master tape, this classic sounds better than ever. Even the original pressing sounded decent, and budding vinyl enthusiasts can usually find a clean copy for a few bucks about anywhere.

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