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The condition of having fluid in the ear is called Serous Otitis Media or Otitis Media Effusion. Serous otitis media is a condition in the middle ear characterized by a collection of ear fluid as a result of negative pressure in the middle ear cavity brought by an obstruction in the Eustachian tube and in the absence of infection.
Eustachian tube connects the inner ear to the back of the throat and helps in draining fluid to prevent it from accumulating in the ear. Serous otitis media is frequently seen in patients after undergoing radiation therapy and patient with dysfunctional Eustachian tube associated with upper respiratory infection or barotraumas.
The condition of serous otitis media occurs without infection however, effusion and infection are related one way or another such as effusion remains in the middle ear cavity for a few days after treating ear infection. Serous otitis media or effusion in the ear that does not resolve on its own given an ample time and is associated with hearing impairment may require certain surgical procedure to drain the fluid and relieve pressure.
Myringotomy is a surgical procedure most commonly utilized for treating serous otitis media. Antibiotics may be given if effusion is persistent for more than 8 to 12 weeks although antibiotics are not helpful in draining the fluid. When the airplane takes off or landing, because of rapid change in altitude or air pressure, you will have unequal pressure between your middle ear and air outside of your ear.
In addition to pain, uneven pressure in ears may lead to an infection if the middle ear is filled with fluid.  If infection happens, you have to take antibiotics.
Now, I hope that you can sympathize to kids.  The weird ear-popping sensation is indeed odd or even scary for them. Do not sleep when the plane is landing.  During sleep, you will not swallow as often, so it is difficult to keep the air pressure in the middle ear equalized. If you have ear infection or serious cold, I recommend you to delay flying if you cannot stand for the pain. Usually I will take Clarinase pill, which works like nasal decongestant spray or nose drop but less irritation of nasal decongestant spray or nose drop. Combine the Valsalva maneuver with leaning your ear towards your shoulder one side at a time.

This trick was taught to me by a diving instructor, after I complained about my difficulties at equalising pressure while diving.
Sorry guys, it is really irresponsible of you at MunFitnessBlog to suggest the use of the valsalva maneuver.
After investing in a top-class sound system or even an inexpensive one, you want perfect sound fidelity and no feedback. Often, the popping-sound problem can be fixed by moving electronics away from the speaker system. Popping noises for users running their speakers through their PCs may be explained by failures of their sound cards. Some popping noises have to do with internal components of speakers systems that can only be fixed by those with advanced knowledge of the technology. The fluid may cause hearing impairment when it impedes the vibration of eardrum by sound waves.
The presence of obstruction in the Eustachian tube will cause fluid to build up in the ear. Ear infection may also occur while the Eustachian tube is partially blocked allowing bacterial growth as a result of fluid buildup containing bacteria. Most children suffer from serous otitis media without symptom as it usually occurs without pain or fever. Often a childa€™s ear or even an adulta€™s ear is examined for an infection in the ear and healthcare provider can only then recognize the occurrence of fluid in the ear. Children will overgrow it as they grow old as the Eustachian tube gradually increases in size as they age.
The procedure requires a small incision in the tympanic membrane and insertion of an ear tube known as myringotomy tube, usually made of plastic or metal, to hold open the Eustachian tube allowing continuous drainage of fluid and pus and to ventilate the middle ear.
This movement opens up the Eustachian tube on the streching side and eases the manual ear popping to such a degree, that there’s no considerable effort involved. Thus, the annoying popping sound that often accompanies a new or poorly set up sound system can turn from an annoyance into a major irritant.

Cellphones are often the culprit, and portable music devices like the iPod can also cause your system to pop. If you run your speaker system through your computer, the popping may be caused by a discordance between your computer volume and your speaker volume.
Check all input connections in your system to make sure everything has been fully plugged in. Just like all computer components, sound cards can age or become inoperable after time, resulting in poor performance.
It is commonly found in children but can also affect adults which may indicate underlying cause for Eustachian tube dysfunction. The ear fluid may result to conductive hearing loss when the ear fluid becomes sticky and thick over time.
In children or infant, the most common cause for ear fluid is feeding while lying down which tends liquid to flow inside the ears and become trapped in the middle ear cavity. Otherwise, you might have to put quite a lot of pressure behind your closed nostrils, which may be very painful, and potentially harmful in itself. If you have your computer volume set very low, you may have unwittingly turned your speakers up very high, resulting in the popping noise. In the same vein, your system’s wires may have aged or been damaged, which can result in a shoddy performance that leads to popping or odd noises.
Children are most prone to fluid buildup owing to the short size of their Eustachian tube and it is more horizontal that may also be blocked by large adenoids.

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