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As soon as I ordered my Border Buddy I started sketching some possible designs to make with it.
The tricky part was to figure out which sizes of the triangles to use, and how long of a strip of paper.
Enjoy the tutorial, give it a try, and let me know how it goes   If you post your results on your own blog feel free to link back here and to leave a link to your blog post in the comments here, I’d love to see them! I like the look of these earrings both with solid colors, gradient colors, and the fun peacock colors!
Click here to view some of my own quilling projects, with tips so you can make your own if you’d like!
This first set of tutorials are full picture tutorials for paper quilled designs that can be used for many different types of projects.
Learn how to make this eye catching paper quilled butterfly – perfect for cardmaking, frames, jewelry, and more! Learn how to make this adorable 3D miniature turtle to use as a pendant, earrings, magnet, or anything else you’d like it for! It may be the middle of winter in some areas of the world, but you can pretend it is summer by creating this adorable paper quilled palm tree with this free tutorial! Learn how to make an adorable Christmas tree with paper quilling – the perfect embellishment for your holiday crafts!
Learn how to turn a strip of paper into a fanciful rose, perfect for so many craft projects!
Learn how to turn strips of paper into an adorable gift embellishment, perfect for greeting cards, gift tags, and more!
Learn how to make these fun cosmic themed earrings using a quilling technique called transition.
Learn how to make these fun double triangle paper quilling earrings with this step by step photo tutorial! Learn how to make these fun filled triangle whirl paper quilling earrings with this free tutorial!
These fun Christmas wreath earrings and gift tags are the perfect easy craft to start with this holiday season! Here is a fun roundup of 10 different quilled jhumka tutorials from many different quilling artists. Learn how to make this fun paper quilled jhumka style with holes punched into the bottom edge to dangle beads from!
Learn how to make jhumka earrings with fun bead and bead cap accents with this free tutorial!

Learn how to make these adorable tiny rose earrings, and many other fun designs using the tiny roses! Learn how to make these fun paper quilled mistletoe earrings for Christmas with this free step by step tutorial! Read this step by step tutorial to learn how to make these fun Jack O’ Lantern earrings for Halloween!
Learn how to make these fantastic paper quilled witch hat earrings with this free step by step tutorial!
Learn how to make this fun and fashionable ring using a tray ring, quilling paper, and some sealant.
This free tutorial will show you how to make these fun square spiral earrings with strips of paper! Learn how to make these geometric triangle swirl earrings using the new Border Buddy tool with this FREE tutorial! This premium paper quilling tutorial teaches several quilling techniques and six different jewelry patterns, all peacock inspired. Learn how to make these trendy, fashionable and fun Indian style Jhumka earrings with this free tutorial!
Learn how to make these adorable multi circle paper quilled earrings with step by step pictures and many tips and tricks! Back to the Basics – these full picture tutorials show some basic quilling skills along with some other skills that are needed in some of the designs above.
Learn how to make a loop at the top of a headpin to finish off your jewelry designs with this step by step tutorial. Here is a tutorial a long time coming – I have been asked for a tutorial for basic quilling techniques and shapes. Read this post to find out the best way to adhere your paper quilling design to snap hair clips to make your own great accessories! If you want to make paper quilled jewelry (or you already do but you are looking for more tips and ideas), you have come to the right place!
Or you can also find silver paper sheets in several multi colored sheet packs at Custom Quilling, here, here, and here.
I cut my own strips out of the paper (click here for a tutorial on how to cut your own paper quilling strips).
Once my flowers were rolled and dry, I took about 8 inches of very thin crafting wire (like this one on Amazon) and poked it through the center hole. At the back of the flower I put on another seed bead and then twisted the two ends of the wire together.

Svara, on the other hand, worked even harder on her hat, and she ended up winning the hat contest of the night! I came up with the idea for this design as I was googling Indian earring designs for inspiration. Immediately the wheels in my mind starting turning, thinking about how I could create this shape with paper.
After taking all of the photos for these tutorials for some reason I couldn’t find the time to compile the tutorial, even though I loved the design and was so excited to share!
I have listed the tutorial for sale in these four online shops I have, so you can get it from whichever one you are more familiar with or you prefer.
If you are interested in purchasing these earrings instead of making them yourself, I’ve got you covered!
I love these paper quilling cluster earrings, which is a design that one of my sisters thought of and I brought to life.
Folded circles are the shape that is typically used to make the well known Malaysian Flower. Look here to find out which length and width of paper to use for the size of rose that you desire to make.
You’ll have them made in plenty of time for your parties, to decorate your gifts, etc. Combine paper quilled discs with natural stone chip beads for a unique spin on modern paper jewelry. They don’t have full tutorial pictures, but the pattern and supplies you need are all there for you to make these! I realized as I was going through photos the other day that I have made quite a lot of peacock earrings in chain and cluster designs, so I thought it would be nice to have them here all in one place. In which case I used matte PPA as my topcoat to get this smooth look yet be super protected! I can’t find anything quite like it anymore, I bought this 17 years ago in college, eeks! Always also online store-latest clear, bazaar yellow best border buddy-quilled creations-d. Store-latest clear, nothing but earrings border buddy-quilled creations-d paper product added.

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