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With hits like Ironic, You Outta Know, and Head Over Feet, the Canadian born Alanis Morissette has become a household name.
This retro glam rock band jumped into the top of the charts in 2002 with their debut album Permission to Land. The Thin White Duke has been around for decades covering multiple music genres including rock, techno, pop, and glam. I must also mention his amazing work in the movie Labyrinth where he wrote and sung several songs. The sound is typical to folk using assorted acoustic instruments like the guitar and banjo. This Dutch band has been together since 1965 playing classic rock with an infusion of early punk style. Green Day is a refined mainstream punk band from California that formed in 1989 and takes inspiration from The Clash. Founded in the great city of Detroit in 1997, Robb Roy is a strong sounding heavy metal group. The songs of their first four albums are poetic and brutal with all the power that a modern metal band should have.
Tom Petty has been rocking with the Heartbreakers since 1976 and has also created several solo albums like the multi-platnium Full Moon Fever. Freak, nerd, weirdo, call him what you like, but Voltaire has become a staple artist in any self-respecting goth's cd case. Formed in 1965 in the Netherlands, Golden Earring had been releasing a string of fantastic records for nearly a decade, but nothing that took hold in the US market. Like so many of the artists featured on this list, Golden Earring are so much more than the one song or two songs they are best known for.

When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. On reaching the website, it turns out there is some Java code that wants to be run, nicely intercepted by Google Chrome.
Careful person that I am, especially when it comes to accessing never-visited-before websites, I went therea€¦ BUT: on a machine that is dedicated toA  research purposes and completely isolated from the corporate network and from my home networks! Now it is really intuitive that the cancel button is accessed via the a€?More Infoa€? button, right? Trying to learn more about this warning, of course you will click the a€?More Informationa€? link. What is of course bothersome here is that the community of security evangelists and experts tries to tell you that you should never run unsafe code.
Educating the end-user frankly seems pointless when there are websites that are built so sloppily and where security warnings are confusing and even give the victim the option to reload potentially malicious code when they try to cancel.
Ah yesa€¦ For those that are interesteda€¦ The Java code in question is showing the lyrics of Radar Love in sequence. I’m working on something exploring the links between bootkits, Disraeli Gears, and Electric Ladyland. That isn't to say they aren't as good, it's just that I'm too lazy to make a page for them. Bowie's life has been a roller coaster of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, but he's always landed on top. His poetic lyrics and mellow music are a tribute to American folk music and help define the genre.
Their sound is modern hard rock with almost operatic vocals from the whimsical lead vocalist Amy Lee.

Axl is the only original member left in the group and a real album hasn't been made in over a decade. The band has yet to become mainstream and still plays to smaller venues around Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.
Some of their hits include Refugee, Won't Back Down, Runnin' Down A Dream, and You Don't Know How It Feels. The Who's was noted for their violent stages shows which often ended with them destroying their instruments and equipment. The Drum3Daagse is hosted by Cesar Zuiderwijk, drummer of the Golden Earring (and still alive and seriously kicking). And here we have an example with clear warnings of potential risk, with the cancellation options almost completely hidden and with a a€?Reloada€? option appearing when you do manage to cancel the execution of this code.
As a matter of fact, we had the 12th annual staging on the 9th, 10th and 11th of August this year with 72 drummers!
Inexperienced users would never be able to figure out that the IP number is from that website and for attackers of course it is the perfect place a€“ especially on popular websites a€“ to hijack the code there and have it point to malicious code.
We even know of bank applications that require it and so their clients will not be able to discard it. A drink for when we meet next time for those that can spot other world-famous drummers, as there are several in the above picture.

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