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As painful as my story is I'm sad to say that while in rehab for several monthsA I heard worse over and over, hundreds of times.
One person, days from killing himself, asked what I could do to help him recover successfully. L I may not be able to make it as I left my essentials out of town and had to head back to get everything.
Listen and downloadLast time we spoke to Dave Davies, legendary guitarist of The Kinks and writer of classic songs in his own right, we asked him so many questions that we ended up having to split the interview into three parts. Yeah, Dead Meadow were really cool – they got the idea of the track, the sort of phaser guitar part and how it would mix in with my guitar. Not really, but it’s funny, with so many songs over the years I’d think I was writing about something else and then realise I was writing about the same thing! Yeah, we put it on Kindle about six weeks ago, and we’re in the process of getting a hardback or paperback together to put out. I spent a lot of time putting it together because it was a much bigger book and I thought it would serve people better if it was shorter, more concise and not too complicated.

I’ve spoken to Sony and a few people in New York about it, and people seem very interested in it but not so interested that they’re prepared to put up the money for it! It’s quite a big project, even to get it on at a little theatre on Broadway to check it out and rehearse it for a few weeks, then make a DVD or download of the show so we can finance the next stage of it, which would be taking it on the road and trying to acquire some interesting, young technical people to do the light show. Daniel recently wrote the songs for a movie called I, Frankenstein which looks great, and the music sounds phenomenal. Jonny Abrams Editor of Rocksucker and the website's founder, Jonny is passionate about the music he listens to, both good and bad, as well as interviewing his favourite musicians. Sand does turn to glassa€¦a€?a€?Salacious body of Oak, brooding head of Olivea€?branch; come the soliloquy of lightninga€”mercy,a€?No! When you took to it with a razor blade, would you say you were spurred on at all by the anger you felt over the situation with Sue? Absolutely, it was such a mixture of emotions – there was the thing with Sue, which changed my whole life really, as well as the frustrations I had as a young man anyway. When I was young, there was a programme on TV called Time Tunnel where they were lost in this crazy time tunnel trying to get back to the present, but they kept on ending up somewhere else.

I’ve met so many people about it, and Russ and I are working on some new music to add to it. His name came up in a few conversations so the possibilities are still there, but I’m still trying to iron out the business side of things, which Ray seems very reluctant to talk about.
Last time we spoke, you said you didn’t know whether to slash the speakers or your wrists! I didn’t want it to be just focused on a possible alien abduction, so I changed the character of the song.
Time sifts the static.a€?Breath burns faster than mutual respecta€¦a€?a€?Lonely is consumptive.
I am their listening tree.A a€?a€?The Listening Trees will help those people ready to listen.

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