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I have suffered from headache with crawling feeling feeling on the left side of my head for many years. Answer:Hi Diana,I am hoping with headaches in a lady your age, temporal arteritis has been ruled out. Glomus tumor are usually found in the skin of the extremities under the nails, and occasionally on the eardrum (tympanic membrane). Picture of an semi-translucent eardrum (tympanic membrane) with a vascular, reddish mass visible behind it called a glomus tympanicum tumor. Now the pain has gone to the top of my head anf feels like a heavy weight is sitting on my head with a crawling feeling.i take gabapentin 100 mg 3 times a day.

Glomus tumors may cause hearing loss by physically blocking sound transmission or cause pulsating ringing (tinnitus) in the effected ear because of the high blood flow within tumor. I will also assume the doctor ordered an MRI of the brain.You do not say what your diagnosis is, but headaches on one side of the head may be coming from neck pain and spasms. I am 81 years old on blood thinner, webutrin digoxin and diovan for high blood pressure also zantac for my stomach. Many patients in your age group have moderate to severe arthritis of the cervical spine which could cause this. There are many other choices including the anti-seizure drug Keppra which does not interfere with coumadin or warfarin.

I will assume that the doctors have done a complete blood work up and an MRI or CT of the head at this point and all is normal in those areas.Most of the teens that I see as patients amaze me with the amount of studying they have to do, plus they are involved in sports, school activities AND many of them work part time. If the neurologist will not help, find a pain management specialist who will listen to you!

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