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This non piercing earring features an ear cuff of a line decorated by five stars.Crafted in rose gold and highly polished,the Star Cuff Earring is designed only for your left ear. Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone that is oftentimes used to make earrings and other jewelry.
Mystically speaking, tourmaline is thought to keep the digestive system running efficiently, and to strengthen bones and teeth.
Tourmaline is sometimes used in the production of electricity within pressure gauges, due to its ability to generate electrical currents.

Once thought of as rubies, it wasn’t until years after their discovery that they were found to be a separate gemstone altogether. Among its many representations, tourmaline is thought to embody humanitarianism and humanity, and can be worn to promote sympathetic causes. The Chinese have used tourmaline to carve figures for centuries, with many ancient works of art made from tourmaline testaments to its long-lived beauty.
A counselor or therapist wears it to better understand their patients and to become better listeners.

Notably, tourmaline has been used to treat panic attacks and also to sooth feelings of dread and chaos.

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