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Bad vibes: Peter blames noisy clubs for his condition At first I thought that my flight to New York had caused yet another bout of deafness. It is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound. When we touched down I noticed a sound in my left ear - a bit like when you put a seashell up to your ear and hear a loud rushing noise. Years before, when I was in my 20s, I'd damaged that ear while diving into the sea off Cornwall. Stress does not directly cause tinnitus, but can make it worse due to increased blood pressure. I was lucky I was able to clamber out of the water on to a diving platform nearby, where I lay for a while feeling very dizzy.
As a result, flying could do funny things to my ears, and this time they seemed to take ages to pop.
I put it down to my still being under the weather and ignored the strange whooshing sound in my ear.
But two days later it was still there, so when I got back to London I visited my GP, who referred me to a specialist in Harley Street. They range from a quiet background noise to one that can be heard even above loud external sounds.
I was given a hearing test, which involved wearing a set of headphones and pushing a button when they played various tones and noises. Then the specialist asked me to walk in a straight line, in order to check my balance, which was fine. As it is linked to stress, sometimes sufferers are prescribed sedatives or antidepressants and advised to relax more to help lessen the effect that the tinnitus has on their lives.
The consultant said it could happen to anyone, but was more common in older people like me.

Tinnitus usually goes hand in hand with hearing loss and triggers include ear infections, foreign objects or wax in the ear, allergies and head injury.
Aspirin can cause it, as can antibiotics and some drugs used to treat arrhythmia, an irregular heart beat. But I believe I have only myself to blame and it was caused by a lifetime spent at rock concerts and in noisy nightclubs.
I have been on stage with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles at my club in Sheffield, then with rock bands such as The Who and Jimi Hendrix when things got even louder.
For most sufferers it's an irritation they simply have to learn to live with, but it can lead to poor concentration, insomnia and severe depression.
There was no advice doctors could give me, such as don't listen to loud music - it was too late for that. I know that some sufferers hear a ringing, others a buzz, but mine is like rushing water, and it is extremely distracting. In fact, the only thing that alleviates it is when I'm in a noisy environment, such as a club, because it masks the sound. For me it is worse at quiet times because there is less background noise to distract from the sounds associated with tinnitus. On occasions I've forgotten it's there, but as soon as I think 'Has it gone?' I hear the sound again. I am always asking people to speak up and apparently I speak loudly during a normal conversation without realising.

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