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Believe what ever you want to believe about this option of mine, but it is easy to do, safe, no obligation, and it is mathematically possible.
I guess they would rather report about NCR leaving Dayton, Ohio, than inform more people about my option. I'm just glad I have good Internet friends here, that take the time to view what we have to say, and listen.
I wonder what the First Lady of America thinks, and feels about eternal love communication?
With all energy being connected, like a matrix, heading into outer space, like we are connected to something else, like puppets on a string. Are we being controlled by others from outer space, or are we connected to our own energy Orb afterlife, and don't even know it? I read about others, in my field of science, and I wish them the best, but their option do not match that, of the best evidence we have, and that is near death out of body people. I am not saying that they are not picking up voices, because this might be possible, based on an afterlife ability to alter noise, through movement of energy through a radio frequency. If you could imagine the strings on a guitar, that is more transparent than President Obama administration, and then all these strings go up, and now we have enough of them, that they cover everything, but so clear to your eye, that you can not see it. Industry figured out different ways to get things out of natural, and that is where we are at today as a culture. Until my concept puzzle piece is added to the string theory option, then the puzzle can not be completed correctly. For my option to work, we need a program that measures friction of energy, and we have that in BrainGate. Some feel that nothing will ever happen, but they are limiting their self, in that way of thinking. Take my information, and question it with anything you would like, and please let me know if your information is better than mine. Humans in this big rope, would be connected to the rope, just like we connect them in our life everyday. Now this afterlife Orb can move through this field of space at will, only limited by your own belief.
Example, if you avoid things in your life, as a human, then you will avoid them as well, as an afterlife Orb. You can float around thinking that God is going to take care of you, and just go with the flow. I'm being totally honest, what do you plan to do, if you find your self in the same type of situation, and a near death experience person finds their self in? If seeing, thinking, feeling, and floating was your only option, as any clear energy Orb you are, and what do you plan on doing next?

It's one thing to take a winter coat off, but a totally different experience, to shell a whole body. Tell your inner bobber a problem you are having, before you go to sleep, and listen for the answer when you first wake up. What ever your problem is, that you asked your inner thoughts, right before you went to sleep. Some might believe this is not the case, and that it is just different places in your thoughts, and there is no type of pattern here. It should not be any more scary, than us floating across from them right now, as we experience what afterlife people experience. Stretching, and growing your imagination, during these trouble times, is one of the best thing you can do right now, especially with my option.
If you want to get noticed, for things you are into, then please inform the media about my option.
Just observe your regular routine from time to time, and see how well you can doing, at keeping it level.
Now if you are on board with my option, even though you only view, and never leave a reply. One thing you can try some time, is pick the smallest thing you can see around you, and look at it for a moment, and think about this. Now imagine you want to measure how long you have been staring at this object, while keeping your inner bobber calm. Tell your select eye, that you will do this measuring, by steamboats, in your internal thoughts, as it come in line with your inner bobber.
Now tell your select eye, that you have been staring at this object, you selected for five hundred trillion steam boats!
Energy, and inner human thought is connected to science string theory, as humans are connected to the theory as well. Your internal thoughts want to naturally take you out of pain, and into pleasure, and one of the best way to do that, is to lower your blood pressure.
Imagine you are out in front of a building, trying to have a conversation with somebody, and all this water falls on top of you. Besides the weight of the wave vibration, temperature change, water sounds, and everything else.
Calm the blood preasure water, and you can hear the birds sing, not to mention your inner thoughts. Regardless what science sees on their machines, you will be able to do this, if my internal thoughts are right!
Even though you might feel you are good at one, you need to explore other thoughts as well.

Some people can play an instrument, by following the sheet music, and then there are some, who make there own music, like Martin does! If you feel you have an original idea, then mentally tug on the string from your bobber, and post it some where! If your inner thought s believe I am important in your life, then listen to my thoughts, from time to time, but if at this time, you feel I am a waste of your time.
Ageing Rocker - mysteriously eluded by fame To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Other than this one minor disagreement though, I'd say that you and I are in lock step with regard to our worldview regarding the universal connectivity of matter. Facebook Favorites: Craft Projects You Will LoveBy Amanda FormaroThis past month several projects were really popular with my Facebook page readers.
Coffee Filter Butterfly…Chances are you have made at least one coffee filter butterfly in your life. Curious George Paper Plate Mask…I fondly remember Curious George from my childhood and loved all the books!
Pom Pom Branches…Sticks and twigs are the beginnings of fun craft projects, like these pom pom branches.
Movie Theater Family Room…Decorate your family room with movie theater themed decor for a fun mini theater room experience!
Open Season: Scared Silly for…Kids love cute movies and parents love adding more than just candy to their kids' Easter baskets. Amanda Formaro is the creative mind behind hundreds of kid's crafts and adult home decor projects, all of which she shares on this blog and elsewhere throughout the online and print world. If you are interested in advertising on Crafts by Amanda, discussing a sponsored post, or talking about your products, please visit my media page.
By saying that, then you are also saying that this human inner thought, is also a part of this equation, and if that is a fact, and we do not know if there is an inside to an afterlife Orb, then they should be connected as well. Automatically, vibrated to everything else in space, and that everything, vibrated back with an answer.
Before I show you how to make these cute fairy house night lights, let's talk about teaching kids to recycle. I'm still in the same town, which means I'm still close to my studio, but my residence has changed.
For the purposes of featuring a post from Crafts by Amanda, you may use one photo that must be credited and linked back to the appropriate post on this blog.

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