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For a number of years, there has been mounting evidence that hearing loss causes problems as the impairment naturally intensifies as we get older. Beyond just the aging process, there is strong evidence that exposure to loud noises or other traumas also play a tremendous role in causing hearing loss.
One of the most common causes for acquired sensorineural hearing loss is exposure to excessive noise, which has been found to impair learning ability and cognitive performance in human subjects and animal models. In this Chinese study, however, negative abilities in spatial learning and memory were revealed three months after the traumatic noise exposure.
Don't forget to download our Hearing Advice Guide which offers guidance to people with hearing loss, ensuring that they get the hearing aid which is right for them.
The Nucleus Hybrid System is a groundbreaking advancement that will change the way hearing loss is treated in the United States, expanding the scope of implantable hearing technology to a whole new indication. Our licensed and highly trained audiology staff will fit you with the most suitable hearing aid for your specific requirements.
Middle ear implants are available to hearing-impaired patients who are dissatisfied with conventional hearing aids.

If you have severe to profound sensorineural (cochlea: inner ear or hearing nerve) hearing loss, a cochlear implant device may be your solution to restored hearing.
Acoustic tumors are tumors of the balance and hearing nerves, which are situated between the inner ear and the brain. Researchers in China have now found that noise-induced hearing loss can have similar negative side effects if not addressed. With this type, the tiny hair cells in the human inner ear naturally degrade over time, and cannot be replaced. More disturbing, they can also lead to problems like diminished cognitive functions that affect spatial learning and memory. It was previously held that chemical oxidants created by the body’s reaction to the trauma were the main players in causing negative side effects to one’s hearing loss. They believe that the observed effects were more likely due to the hearing loss rather than the initial oxidant stress, which only lasted for a short period of time.
The Baha 5 Sound Processor is designed to help you enjoy listening to clearer, crisp sound and hear what people are saying in noisy environments.

This device (the med-el soundbridge) provides wonderful acoustic results in selected patients. Scientific figures point to 10 per cent of the general population suffering from some kind of hearing loss, but more than 40 per cent of people over 60 years old experience hearing loss. A joint study between doctors at two Nanjing China universities – with the support of a Canadian university – looked at the significance of noise-induced hearing loss in causing cognitive decline. Maw has extensive training and experience in modern surgical techniques for their removal, ensuring minimal side effects and preserving optimal hearing.
Jennifer Maw and her clinical team can address the full continuum of issues people encounter as they experience hearing loss or balance issues. We combine expert medical and surgical care with state-of–the-art diagnostic evaluations and the most sophisticated hearing technology available.

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