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The earrings each feature a single oval-cut blue topaz gemstone and secure with leverback clasps. The earrings are crafted of sterling silver with a pave pattern on the front of the leverback clasps. The vibrant shade of blue topaz enlivens these dangle earrings, accentuated by the twinkle of diamond accents. If you are looking for the engagement ring for the woman of your dreams then look no further.

Members of the British Jewellery Association, with many thousands of satisfied customers, a 14 day returns policy and a five year guarantee against any manufacturing defects you have need have no worries about your purchase of the ring of your dreams. These earrings have been hand shaped and wire wrapped with sterling silver and some beautiful howlite drops. Traditional Bali bead styling adds a trendy design to these sparkling sterling silver earrings. They hang at 1.25 inches from the bottom of the lever back ear wires and are extremely light to wear.

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