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When the sinuses become inflamed, a condition known as sinusitis, the effects can be felt in unexpected places.
By seeking treatment for one’s sinusitis, it is usually possible to relieve both sinus and jaw pain. I had jaw pain on one side of my face last year, and I thought it was probably sinus-related.
I have TMJ, so when I started experiencing jaw pain this winter, I just assumed it was due to that condition. I had jaw pain from a sinus infection, but I did not have the money to see a doctor or buy a humidifier.
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Due to the positioning of two of the largest sinuses, there is a link between sinus and jaw pain. Simultaneous sinus and jaw pain usually occurs due to an infection of the maxillary sinus, which lies within the cheek area. Common treatments for sinusitis include nasal sprays, which can reduce swelling and clear away excess mucus, and in the case of bacterial infections, antibiotics.
A tooth cavity that has become infected can spread bacteria to other parts of the head, including the sinuses, which may then also become infected. If left untreated, this infection can continue to spread throughout the body, potentially causing organ damage or even death.
Such a blockage creates a warm, moist environment that can prove welcoming to bacteria and other foreign bodies.

This pressure often causes tenderness and pain in the jaw area, particularly at the area over the upper molars. As this swelling subsides, pressure to areas like the jaw is eased, providing relief from sinus-related pain.
Those experiencing persistent pain in the jaw and sinuses should consider visiting a dentist to determine whether the pain is caused by a dental infection.
If a dental problem indeed exists, a root canal may be needed to eliminate the pain and prevent spreading the infection any further.

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