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Sleep-Eze is a tiny device built using hearing aid technology that fits inside your ear emitting the soothing sound of pure white noise while it isolates you from outside noises that disturb your precious sleep. Together with the 10-15 dB of isolation, the 0-79dB of white noise will greatly reduce the amount you hear of most sounds you ordinarily encounter, including snoring, music from next door, people thumping around in the apartment above and traffic outside your window.
Warning: because Sleep-Eze is capable of blocking most incoming sounds it can prevent you from hearing smoke alarms and other emergency warning devices you may need to hear.
Package Contents: One right and one left side Sleep-Eze earpiece, One pair each size, Small, Medium and Large Pinwheel tips, One pair each size, Small, Medium, and Large Mushroom tips, wax removal tool, leatherette storage pouch, 4 #10 hearing aid batteries and instructions for use, Plus a Free Memory Foam Ear Pillow that is ideal for side sleepers. Sleep-Eze works by first blocking much of the noise you would hear with the open ear just as a regular ear plug would do. Be sure to test your ability to hear these warnings before going to sleep with the Sleep-Eze in place.
The white noise causes you to hear less acutely, so you do not hear as much of the noise you want to avoid. We do have some limited stock of replacement tips for your existing SleepEze, and fortunately, we have two excellent alternative in-ear white noise machines in the SnoreMasker Pro and the new TI-100.
Each change will take a couple of days at least, to adjust to.Sleep-Eze has helped many people over the more than 10 years we have been selling it.

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