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Yes but the jewellery will need to be removed to prevent the possible chances of cross contamination from the jewellery, at which point the piercing will shrink over the few days the plug is out. After studying at the School of American Ballet, you earned a spot in the New York City Ballet. I've asked a professional tattoo artist and piercer, and he said that your ears will shrink to a NORMAL size if you stop at double zero (00). Generally anything bigger than a 0 is the point of no return, but it really depends on how your body heals. As for stretching I would recommend getting your ears pierced at a 12 gauge and then just going up a size every few weeks if your lobes can take it.
But if you are impatient you can always get dermal punched, but that would ruin the possibility of your ears growing back.
You can't fully guarantee that th…ey'll shrink (at least to a normal size) if you go bigger than that. The term is used to refer to the process of "stretching" ear lobe piercings to larger sizes (bigger holes and bigge…r jewellery* {*refered to as plugs }).

If you are worried about that then I would be very careful when making decisions when getting close to that size. It all depends on the elasticity of your ear lobes, and if you've kept them healthy while they were stretched. To do this jewellery of larger size is put into the piercing slowly to stretch the piercings up to a larger size.
Youll end up blowing out your ear which down the road will look bad a…nd could create problems not to mention it makes future stretches hurt more because of the scar tissue. The piercer will usually start with a lip… ring that is slightly larger to accommodate the swelling that will naturally occur as a result of the piercing process.
Also always use some kind of lubricant when stretching ( no matter how small the stretch appears to be. Once healing has occurred, the wearer can change the size of the lip ring to either a smaller or larger one. Gauge is the actual size of the jewellery, measured using the American Wire Gauge as a standard or AWG.

A standard starting size for ear lobe piercing would be "16g" or "14g" ( the "g" denotes the phrase "gauge" ).
Stretching the piercing up one "gauge" at a time with a 4 week break between the stretches to avoid damaging the tissue.
Trying to stretch the piercing fast (not waiting the 4 weeks between stretching) will result in damaged tissue and messy piercings. The largest size one can work up to without perminant damage is "0g" and or rare occasions "00".

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