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Solid Gold Memorial JewellerySolid 14k Gold Memorial Jewellery for ashes, a lock of hair, burial soil or other precious memorial keepsakes.
Keepsake Jewellery Australia is the leading designer and creator of quality Memorial Jewellery and Keepsake Jewellery. One pcs in one small polyethylene bag, then 10pcs in a bigger polyethylene bag, then packed with many layers bubble film which keeps the parcel from any damage. 22k solid gold jewellery is often preferred over 24k gold jewellery due to the former's durability and scratch resistance. The karat marking on your gold jewellery indicates the percentage of pure gold it contains. 22k solid gold jewellery is often alloyed with another metal, such as copper, nickel, zinc, or silver, to increase its durability.

22k solid gold jewellery, including gold rings, necklaces and earrings, generally looks yellow.
20, Fuping Road, xiaoping industrial area, panyu district, guangzhou, guangdong province, china. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Gold jewellery is typically weighed in grams; the higher the gram weight, the more expensive the piece, and the better able it is at withstanding daily wear and tear. However, as the table mentions, you can also find 22k gold jewellery in white, rose, and other designer colours, such as brown, green, and blue.
22k solid gold proves ideal for setting gemstones and allows for manipulation into nearly any shape.

Usually on the inside part of each piece at a non-visible location, it should be accompanied by a hallmark or trademark that identifies its maker.
They serve to indicate the jewellery's value and ensure that you are purchasing a quality piece of 22k solid gold jewellery. Conversely, the latter refers to mixing with other metals during its creation to create a specific hue.

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