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Enjoy your favorite tunes in peace and quiet wherever you are with these MDR-NC8 Sony noise canceling headphones. Noise Canceling - Enjoy an immersive and peaceful listening experience without all of the noise.
Lasting Comfort - The lightweight, super soft on-ear design allows for comfortable wearing over long periods of time. 30mm Driver Units - 30mm drivers with neodymium magnets deliver powerful bass and clear treble. Dual Folding Design - Compact for portability yet affording listening flexibility, the dual-folding design affords for easy portability.

Passive Listening - Should your battery run out and you don’t have a spare, you can still listen without the noise canceling activated. Privacy & Security User Agreement & Disclaimer Export Policy California Privacy Rights Site Map.
Perfect for the plane, train or office, these headphones reduce ambient noise by up to 90% when the noise canceling circuitry is activated1. NC8 headphones reduce up to 90% ambient noise when noise canceling circuit is activated.
Ergonomically shaped flexible earpads and the adjustable headband also allow for a proper fit, making them a great companion on long flights.

Boasting 30mm drivers with neodymium magnets, you'll enjoy powerful bass and crisp, clear highs.
Plus, these headphones are super stylish and comfy to wear for extended periods of time thanks to their lightweight design and flexible, ergonomically-shaped earpads. The adjustable headband allows for a perfect fit, adding to their comfort on long flights and the daily commute.

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