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The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader, with a trained team of friendly and experienced advisers for anyone who experiences tinnitus or those simply seeking guidance or information about the condition. The 200-page paperback begins with an explanation of the hearing mechanism, some general information about tinnitus and a brief overview of different theories about its generation.
The book’s style is clear and accessible, although there is a tendency to make the same point several times over, which can be a little tedious. In summary, this is probably not the very best tinnitus self-help book on the market, but the information and advice it offers is sound and helpful. Many folks in early addiction recovery suffer from stress, anxiety, and fear causing long, sleepless nights. Sound Pillow helps sufferers through these periods of unease and restlessness to reach a state of relaxation and achieve the rejuvenating effects of a good night’s sleep. People in long-term recovery report that meditation provides new insights about the source of their cravings, resentments, and fears. She is an experienced Canadian audiologist who specialises in tinnitus assessment and therapy. Chapters which deal with sound enrichment and thinking strategies are particularly thorough, with plenty of ideas for methods of relaxation, distraction techniques and so on.

There is perhaps too much detail given in some places while other important topics, such as the psychological model of tinnitus, are rather glossed over. This personal audio device provides recovering addicts the ability to get a comfortable night’s sleep by providing a calming, soothing distraction from disturbing thoughts and silences “The Voices” in the head. Let Sound Pillow become a daily recovery tool regardless if you’re a newcomer or in long-term recovery. This powerful digital hearing aid is specially engineered to bring back the sounds of life, even if your hearing loss is severe to profound.
It gives you the power you need, so you can follow what's going on around you without distraction. This robust hearing aid is coated with a protective layer, called HPF80 NanoBlock™, inside and out, to shield it from water, moisture and perspiration, so you can enjoy a more active life.
High quality sound and an excellent feedback management system keep you aware of everything that's going on around you. Throughout the book she draws on her experience as a clinician and also as a person who has had tinnitus herself for many years.
The majority of the text is given over to advice about management strategies including hearing aid use, sound therapy, cognitive techniques, relaxation and sleep management.

I would have liked to have seen some discussion of the potential emotional effects of using sound therapy and also the potential negative effects of complete masking.
HPF80 NanoBlock increases the lifetime of your hearing aids to help give you years of trouble-free use. Ergonomically designed for comfort, this attractive hearing aid sits comfortably behind your ear. The book ends with advice about hearing protection and a brief overview of alternative treatments. However I think the book will give people a much better understanding of tinnitus and treatment approaches.
The controller integrates all of CODEC, DSP, EEPROM, I2C interface with PC in a single IC chip, so as not to have additional electronic components.
The tinnitus (ear ringing) can be reduced by the superposition of the tinnitus sound produced inside the cochlea and the masking sound generated by active tinnitus masker.

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