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May 2, 2013 When my daughter told me that she felt like there was an ant in ear, it sounded a maybe a little younger, and a small. Aug 18, 2010 nastey theres a june bug in this chicks ear?!?!!?11 Untold storys of the ER- june bug in my ear It's like? Objects In Ear - Symptoms Question: What were the symptoms experienced with an object or insect in your child's ear? Jan 4, 2012 While all of these claims sound very intriguing, the fact is that none of it is. Then a few months I get dizzy alot and get the feeling like I am going to pass out My I have the same broken speaker sound in my ear, went to a dr and passed all the hearing tests it is driving. Causes, treatments, and prevention of ear noise i wish this could go away it sounds like flies or mosquitoes in my ears soon as i . A couple months ago a small bug flew in his ear and he could hear it buzzing around in there It seems like I regularly get ear wax build up in my right ear.

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