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If your mechanic tells you to leave the car outside because he doesna€™t want to soil his clean floor with the oil coming out of your cara€™s tail pipe, then you know ita€™s not the ignition but maybe leaky valves. Screeching when under acceleration may be caused by a slipping auxiliary drive belt or fan belt. Clicking from wheels usually means a loose hubcap or a stone in the hubcap, or just a stone lodged in the tire tread. You cana€™t hear the radio because of the a€?click, click, click.a€? Darn it, thata€™s your favorite song from the 60s.
Any fool knows this and can be reminded by placing Post-it notes in the car, office, and on the your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator.

Ita€™s important that the owner of a car listen closely to the sounds of his car and give this information to the maintenance technician. Even though ita€™s the sound many mechanics hate to hear as cars pass their shops, it sure makes car owners happy. However, check the engine temperature gauge because sometimes overheating is the cause of the rattle. A backfire could be due to an incorrect ignition timing setting, a faulty ignition, or leaky valves.
It could be the incorrect tension on a camshaft drive belt, which needs to be fixed right away.

The rattle also might be related to incorrect ignition timing and an ignition system fault. Little spots on the ground right under the power steering lines usually mean leaky steering lines.

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