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As soon as you make up your mind to invest a certain sum of your money into an earring rack, it is significant to learn what exactly you should search for when shopping for this item.
Having realized the importance of getting an carrier, you should decide what size you really need.
Another point you should consider when choosing this item is convenience and easy of usage. Irrespective of the fact that the above mentioned factors are quite significant, the most decisive point that affects your choice is undeniably the price of the earring screen you are going to purchase.
Highly polished 9 carat Gold 4mm diameter ball stud earrings.This is next size up from our smallest 9ct Gold stud earrings and would be suitable for a baby, child or an adult who prefers small, discreet earrings. Katgi Jewelry is dedicated to provide friendly service along with high quality, fine and fashion jewelries at unbelievable prices. It is extremely important to make a proper purchase, which meets all your requirements and jewelry needs, since a wrong decision will not only be a waste of your money, time and effort, but may also cause serious inconveniences.

Despite the fact that these stands come in diverse styles, designs and shapes, you should still opt for the one that fits the interior of your room and corresponds to your individual style. High quality racks, which are made of expensive materials, will obviously cost you more as compared to those of inferior quality.
Whether you are looking for a special gift for a loved one or a beautiful piece that complements your personal style, we want and strive to be your personal one stop shop jeweler for all of your jewelry needs.
If you are concerned with this issue, then the following factors will help you make a correct choice.
Basically there are stands of various designs that may accommodate about twenty-five pairs at the same time. Keep in mind that these items are produced of different materials, including wood, plastic, metal etc. If this issue is of paramount importance to you, visit our website to be able to select a holder that will meet your requirements in terms of quality, price and design.

Our expansive hand selected assortment of high quality jewelry has received quality inspections to ensure they meet our high standards and are ready to impress. Style conscious customers will definitely opt for an earring holder tree, since it can add a fashionable and modern appeal to any toilet-table.
We are so confident that our premium fine and fashion jewelry collections will meet or exceed your expectations that we will back all of our jewelries with a 30 days no questions ask return or exchange policy.
It is better to make the required measurements first in order to decide if all your jewelry items will fit into this stand or not.
Do not forget to leave extra space as well, since you will probably want to enrich your collection sooner or later.

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