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I first shared this tutorial over on a contributor site and recently realized I’d never shared it with you here. Now that your boards are painted (or stained) and fully dried you can screw in each of the hooks for the necklace board and attach ribbon to the earring board. The spacing of your ribbon is a personal choice but is also dependent on the width of your ribbon.
The great thing about this organizer is that you can expanded it as need to hold all of your stuff. On this site, you will find a lot of practical items, namely travel organizers and similar elements. This beautifully made and very practical rectangular box for earrings are a fantastic way to store your favorite jewelry. There are a ton of jewelry storage options for all your favorite pieces, but often the one category that’s hardest to keep track of are stud earrings.
Lori Leigh Designs Mini Traveler Tired of digging through a nest of necklaces to find your earring’s pair?
So when we moved into our new house I decided to figure out a solution that worked my new closet.

Since January is National Organization Month and we’re all trying to get better organized for the new year, I figured it was the perfect time to show you how I got my jumbled up jewelry under control. After all of mine were cut we sanded the edges down so there wouldn’t be any rough corners and to give more of a custom look.
The length again depends on your amount of jewelry but be sure not to make them too long or they may sag. Go with what looks best to you keeping in mind that you’ll be hanging your earring onto the ribbon by poking the post through the ribbon itself so just be sure you’ll be able to do this easily. Plus, it’s easy to see what you have at a glance so you can put together the perfect day’s look! Maybe you want to have one of these at home so take all the time that you want and feel free to buy one of these offers. This protects your earrings, keeps them from falling out or getting tangled in your luggage. A good idea is to lay out your pieces in advance to get an idea how long your sections need to be.
After the holes for the dowel rods are pre-drilled you’ll need to check that they aren’t too big or too small.

Conversely, be sure to make them long enough that you still have plenty of room left over to hang your jewelry from after you’ve inserted part of it into the board.
Be sure to use a little wood glue in each of the holes for good measure wiping away any excess before it dries.
Affix the ribbon on the back the earring board with staples and have the ribbon drape over the top.
This is how I made a built-in jewelry organizer guaranteed to hold all of your things without taking up valuable counter or floor space.
At this point you should have one board for bracelets – with dowels inserted, one board for rings – with dowels inserted, one board for necklaces – with holes pre-drilled for hooks and one plain board that you’ll add ribbon to later.
The holes for your hooks should be just big enough to get you started when screwing them in.

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