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Jewelry designer Hugh Power is being hailed as a real-life King Midas, after making it his life’s mission to transform the most mundane everyday objects into opulent gold jewelry. The Beverly Hills-based artist runs ‘House of Solid Gold’, a company that specializes in turning mundane objects like glasses or earbuds into luxurious gold-plated accessories that sell for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Pan Pina baker and co-owner Juan Manuel Moreno said that he came up with the idea for the bread after he saw the ‘world’s most expensive coffee’ on sale at another shop in the region. The eccentric artist said that the project was his contribution to the town’s art festival, The Folkestone Triennial, which began last Saturday. When we wrote about Datta Phuge, an Indian businessman who owns a 3.2-kilogram solid gold shirt, we thought that his was a unique story. Pankaj is a textile magnate from the town of Yeola, near Mumbai city, who made his millions through his clothing empire. Hard core KFC fans have come up with the perfect way to pay homage to their favorite fast food brand – by wearing gold plated KFC bones as jewelry. Their official website states: “We’re excited to introduce a brand spanking new Kentucky invention.
Miners in Russia’s Irkutsk region found an oddly shaped nugget of gold on Friday the 13th, this month.
According to the Bodaybo town municipal administration, the gold miners (who work for the metal mining company Ugakhan) didn’t immediately realise that the rock was made of gold.
Golden Baba has apparently been in the sights of Indian tax officials for some time, but he also attracted the attention of the press when he made an appearance at the sacred Kumbh Mela pilgrimage with two young European beauties hanging on his arms and wearing dozens of solid gold accessories around his neck and on his hands. According to India Today, gold-obsessed businessmen and politicians are nothing new in India.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of a village-owned business, Changjiang Village, in China’s Jinagsu Province, has given every one f its 3,000 villagers 100-gram bars of gold and silver. After making a 24-karat gold horse for Japan’s newborn prince, and creating another tree worth $850,000, Ginza Tanaka decided to step it up even more and came up with a solid gold Christmas tree for this holiday season. Believe it or not, the streets of New York really are paved with gold, but you have to get down and dirty to get your hands on it. Using only a Styrofoam cup, a butter knife and tweezers, 43-year-old Raffi scours the streets of New York’s Diamond District searching for gold, diamonds and other precious jewels. The gold and precious stones industry is a hectic one, and you can see people running from one shop to the other, from a diamond supplier to a diamond dealer, and so on, and in the process, they drop tiny valuables without even realizing it. If you have money to burn, this $164,000 gold-plated barbecue-grill made by BeefEater Barbecues should be at the the top of your spending list.
Sure, this hand-made Signature Series 6 Burner SL400 looks good has some nice built-in features like a wok burner, warming rack and roasting hood, but will it make your steaks taste better? The one-of-a-kind barbecues is covered with 24 carat gold, except for the actual grilling surface, and was created for the 2008 Sydney Home Show, for an estimated $60,000. An ambitious chef from the Philippines has created the world’s most expensive sushi, wrapped in sheets of gold and small African diamonds.
Angelito Araneta Jr., a young chef from Manila, managed to create yet another delicious treat for snobs the rich and famous. The five pieces of gold and diamond sushi cost around $2750 and can be found in a restaurant in Manila.
Invented by German entrepreneur, Thomas Geisler, Gold To Go is an ATM, covered with a thin layer of gold, that dispenses 320 gold items, from small gold bars to customized coins. The region’s high demand for gold, and the ongoing economic turbulence, make the Gold To GO ATM machine the perfect investment.
The name earwig actually comes from an Old English name, A“arewicga (meaning a€?ear insecta€?), which was derived from the superstition that earwigs can enter your ears at night and burrow into your brain to lay eggs. Adults of the European earwig are usually winged, while the ringlegged earwigs are wingless.
Earwigs develop from egg to adult through gradual, or incomplete, metamorphosis with four to five nymphal instars. When spring weather is suitable, the female makes an opening to the soil surface where the young nymphs can leave the nest and forage for food. Earwigs rarely fly and are unable to crawl long distances, but they often hitchhike in laundry baskets, cut flowers, luggage, newspapers, lumber, baskets of fruits and vegetables, automobiles, etc. Earwigs require moist, cool places and are found in damp crawl spaces, in flower gardens near the home, in mulches, in compost piles, in trash, under boards, and in wood piles.

During dry, hot weather, earwigs sometimes migrate indoors in search of cool and moist habitat. Ohio State University Extension embraces human diversity and is committed to ensuring that all research and related educational programs are available to clientele on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or veteran status. So he decided to dazzle up his own bread with a dash of edible gold worth over $100 both inside and on the surface of each loaf. In the wake of this unusual news, hundreds of people have been thronging the beach, hoping to uncover at least a small portion of the hidden fortune. He named the installation ‘Folkestone Digs’, and described it as a unique project to get people involved in art. It might not sound like much, but each bar could be worth hundreds of dollars, and people get to keep everything they find. Sailstorfer encouraged people to start their search a couple of days before the festival actually started. But it turns out there are other rich men in India obsessed with gold – like Pankaj Parakh, a businessman and local politician who celebrated his 45th birthday by gifting himself a 4-kilogram gold shirt worth over $200,000. The garment was then meticulously executed at Shanti Jewellers in Mumbai, by a team of 20 select artisans who spent 3,200 hours over the past two months ‘sewing’ the shirt. The idea sounds rather primitive, but I suppose the gold plating does reduce the barbaric effect to some extent. The discovery scared them quite badly – especially because it happened on what superstition says is the unluckiest day of the year.
Claiming to be a living saint, this Indian holy man tells his followers to live in poverty, while he covers himself in gold clothes and accessories worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
He looked more like a middle-aged playboy than a holy man preaching about the rewards of a simple life free of worldly possessions. Not long ago, a man by the name of Ramesh Wanjale was spotted wearing 2 kilos of gold, then NCP functionary Samrat Moze wore 8.5 kilograms of gold in the form of jewelry and ornaments, but chit fund Datta Phuge found a way to one-up them both. Measuring 2.4 meters high and weighing around 12 kilograms, the luxurious tree is decorated with golden plates and around 60 heart-shaped ornaments, and covered with ribbon. For urban prospector Raffi Stephanian this isn’t an issue, just a great way to pay the bills. Most of the fragments found by Raffi Stephanian were carried into the streets by diamond merchants who accidentally picked them up on their clothes or on the soles of their shoes. You might think no one buys this incredibly expensive dish, but according to Angelito Araneta Jr, his unique sushi is often used in marriage proposals and during courtship. First tested in 2009, in Germany, the Gold To Go ATM is now set up in the Emirates Palace Hotel, in Abu-Dhabi, where the ceilings are coated in gold. So far his invention has proved a hit, with one of the hotel guests buying one of each gold items the ATM dispenses. This belief is totally unfounded, though earwigs will occasionally seek out ear canals of campers as dark, moist hiding places.
If wings are present, the first pair are hard, short, and scale-like, while the second pair are membranous, fana€‘shaped, and folded under the hard first pair of wings. Generally, most earwigs lay eggs in late winter into early spring in chambers in the ground, under logs, or under stones. The small nymphs often return to their burrow during the day, but soon they are large enough to fend for themselves without a burrow.
Since the European earwigs feed primarily on soft-bodied insects, use plants that are less prone to infestations of aphids and scales, or treat these insects when they are found. They are easily killed by residual insecticide treatments in cracks and crevices, along baseboards, beneath cabinets, along door and window sills, and in other hiding places during the day. High populations, practically invisible during the day, may be present around foundations, in landscaped yards, in mulch, under boards, etc.
Place burlap bags, canvass, boards, newspapers, or other cover material on top of mulch, around shrubbery, and on top of or around similar habitats. He once made a gold toothpick for rap superstar Snoop Dog, because that’s what you need to scoop out food from between your gold teeth, but his collection of gold accessories includes gold shoelaces ($14,995), gold earbuds (14,995), gold chopsticks ($1,695), gold glasses ($75,000) and even a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted football ($375,000). As expected, hundreds of diggers turned up at the beach with buckets and spades, hoping to strike gold.
We’ve taken one great Kentucky invention and turned it into a completely new Kentucky invention. It was also a full moon night, and to make matters worse, they say that the rock bore an uncanny resemblance to the devil’s ear.

But one worker had the good sense to take a closer look, and he realized that it was in fact a large gold nugget.
But reports claim Bittu Bhagat tells his disciples they mush shun their material wealth, even their clothes, if they want to follow him, and investigators say he only accepts donations in solid gold.
This little settlement happens to own the Jiangsu Xin Chang Jiang Group, one of the top 20 private enterprise in China.
And that only because he worked as a stone setter, years ago, when he found gold scraps on the floor of a diamond exchange. He also finds platinum chips, loops from broken necklaces, watches or bracelets, all of which were dropped by mistake. Right now it only accepts local currency, but modifications for credit cards will soon be made. Earwigs are active at night and are often found around lights preying on other small insects that come to lights. Forceps at the end of the abdomen are used to defend the nest, capture prey, probe narrow crevices, and fold or unfold wings. Be sure to eliminate damp, moist conditions in crawl spaces under houses, around faucets, around aira€‘conditioning units, and along house foundations.
Earwigs will hide under these sheltered areas, where they can be collected early in the morning. So he commissioned the solid gold shirt that he wore on the occasion of his birthday, last Friday. Like Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstopper, we’ve figured out a way to make it possible to savor a single piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken forever.
Formerly a simple tailor, this Golden Baba now allegedly has a fortune of several millions of dollars and travels around in a fleet of chauffeur-driven Mercedes, Bentleys and BMWs. His extravagant garment consists of 14,000 gold flowerrings, interwoven with one lakh spangles.
It is involved in eight different industries, including electricity, chemicals and metals, and it’s apparently very successful in all of them.
He realized if he could find gold inside, then people must have carried it outside, as well. Maybe because they just got bored of gold phones, gold-plated cars, have eaten enough gold-plated food and need something new to attract attention. Earwigs run rapidly around baseboards, and they may emit a foul-smelling, yellowish-brown liquid from their scent glands when disturbed or crushed.
The female moves, cleans, and provides maternal care by protecting the eggs and new young until the first molt.
During the day, earwigs hide in moist, shady places beneath stones, boards, sidewalks, and debris.
Therefore, the best strategy is to better seal around doors and windows, which serve as the major entry points. It was assembled on a fabric base of imported white velvet, and comes with six Swarovski crystal buttons and an intricate belt, also made of gold. They are rapid runners and feed on mosses, lichens, algae, fungi, insects, spiders, and mites, both dead and alive.
Use caulking compound, putty, and weather stripping around doors, windows, pipes, and other entry sites, especially at the ground level.
Following a promise made back in 2009, the village’s party leader recently ordered over 600 kilograms of gold and silver, and  handed it to every villager in 100-gram bars. Earwigs normally live outdoors and do not establish themselves indoors, though the ringlegged earwig is a common resident in greenhouses. Earwigs are harmless to humans and animals, though if picked up and restrained, adult earwigs can give a slight pinch with the forceps. While mainly predaceous on other insects, earwigs often feed on flower petals, soft vegetables and fruits, or seedling plants when hot and dry conditions persist.

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