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Stunning, large crystal bridal wedding dress brooch with designer styling – a statement accessory for the modern wedding dress made using swarovski crystals! Available in Clear Crystal Bold, large bridal brooch in a flower and starburst design set with sparkling crystals. Sunshine Mo is a limited edition crystal figure which is  only available online – it is not available from Swarovski shops or other high street outlets. This lovely crystal yellow cow wearing a splendid floral crystal necklace is a one-time production exclusively available online!
Lovlots City has been in existence since 2006 and is home to many residents, including as mice and turtles. This year, the city is welcoming eight more crystal animals, including Jade –  a limited edition for 2011, along with show horses, elephants, a very monkey, a magical rabbit and Leo the grand, majestic lion. Presented in a gift box Beautiful bridal earrings - classic pearls set in a modern design.
The Swarovski Medley Snowflake Pendant is a clear Crystal Moonlight crystal expertly cut into a snowflake shape, and set on a rhodium plated chain. Also available are the matching Medley Snowflate Earrings, for pierced ears only, which when worn with the matching pendant creating a stunning ensemble. Mix and match your Swarovski rose gold pieces, from statement rings, to classic earrings, stack and layer to created a unique look!

The Swarovski Louise Black and White Necklace is a stainless steel necklace encrusted at the front with black and white crystal pontiage (see the close up above for the brilliant detail). The bangle is a similar design to the necklace and again made from stainless steel –  but it needs no fastening, simply slipping on over the wrist.
The Swarovski Louise Black and White necklace is one of the most popular pieces of jewellery at Swarovski this season, and it’s easy to see why. From the Swarovski Crystal Elements range a striking deep red heart that twinkles as it catches the light.
Under normal circumstances all in stock items will be dispatched the same working day if ordered before 3pm, if there are any delays we will inform you immediately.
All our orders are sent by Royal Mail, if you have not received your order within 3 days of dispatch please do not hesitate to contact us. A truly glamorous statement brooch for the modern bride – the perfect brooch to accessorise a simple wedding dress and add detail! All these animals are now joining the Lovlots collection, making this year’s collection the best ever. Well this is a really apt set for the winter period, especially with all the snow we have been having.
The clasp for the necklace, which fastens behind the neck, is a simple hook over a stud set with a single black crystal.

I like the length of the necklace, it sits around the base of the neck without needing an expanse of neckline to show it off. 18mm heart on a 46cm ( 18inch ) sterling silver chain, comes complete with gift box - lovely gift. These would really create a talking point when you go out with friends and they will wnat to know where you got them. Also, black and white goes with absolutely everything, so whatever the occasion, the jewellery is sorted. These would also look really nice throughout the year as being Swarovski they have a fantastic glittering reflection and catch the eye of anyone around. Add to the mix the matching ring and bangle, and you’ll feel fabulously coordinated too.

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