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Women's Tennis Blog is celebrating its fifth birthday and what better way to celebrate than by embellishing readers with some bling bling.
The necklace was created by Emily Austin, who's been designing jewelry in Scottsdale, Arizona, for 18 years. When you complete the two steps, simply cross your fingers and hope that you get selected in a random selection process which will pick among those who have qualified. The competition closes on April 5th at 16 CET and the winner will be announced shortly after.

Of course, there is a way you can calculate how many posts there are on Women's Tennis Blog. There are 278 pages and most of the pages have 10 posts, so the exact total is within the values of the second option.
Her birthday is in May and this could be her good luck charm as she rises through the ranks.

Her grandparents in their 80's still win tournaments and this would be a fitting gift for them to give her.

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