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With tech-tastes turning to everything retro, and ye olde analogue mobile phone brick-like handsets commanding high prices on eBay, how about going back more than a decade or two for the acme of old-style telephony: the rotary dial. That's what US-based Spark Fun Electronics is offering: a classic desktop dial-phone, kitted out in red for that Washington-Moscow hotline effect - so it's a perfect partner piece for the USB Nuclear War hub we featured earlier this summer. There's only ringtone, of course: literally so, since it's generated by a pair of metal "gong-style" bells, Spark claims - there's even an MP3 of it in action here.

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That said, it weighs over 900g, so it's not exactly pocketable, but the battery should last 4-5 days on a single charge.

And the sound's pumped through original earpiece and microphone cones, so don't expect a clear, digital-like signal, the company warned.

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