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There are some questions that I find myself being asked again and again and one of the most common questions I hear from intermediate level players is how to develop a strong slice serve. This should probably go without saying, but ita€™s important enough to bear repeating even to intermediate to advanced players a€“ make sure that you follow through on your slice serve and bring the racquet all the way around.
New collections for Spring 2015 are starting to roll in which means new styles and new colors! Nike’s classic Advantage Polo is now updated with new colors as well, including the pinks and yellows plus the  Advantage Printed Polo in a printed volt pattern. Serena Williams hosted the first Serena Williams Ultimate Run Sunday in Miami, which included a quarter marathon and a 5K run-walk to benefit her foundation. For the grandfather who loves books about sports: My sister and I have always given my now 93-year-old grandfather (who used to work in publishing) books for Christmas, almost always about tennis.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did a photo shoot recently for January’s issue of GQ magazine in France. Ana Ivanovic looked lovely attending the Opening Night Gala of the 11th Annual Dubai International Film Festival  Wednesday night. Posted in: ATP, Bouchard, Dimitrov, Navratilova, News, Off Court News, Quick Hits, Radwanska, Retired Player, Sharapova, Williams, WTA. Roger Federer has made his way to India for the IPTL and is clearly already having a lot of fun.
Then on Sunday, he (again with Pete Sampras) joked around with his buddy Gael Monfils, who almost defeated him at the US Open.. Aussie legend Pat Cash has been announced as a new face of ellesse, the brand the Wimbledon champion wore in the 1980’s. Cash joins Tommy Haas and rising star Elina Svitolina, who also wear the Italian sportswear brand, and will work closely with the two in 2015. Cash said: “It’s great to join ellesse and I can’t wait to work with the brand to help develop and promote their fantastic clothing.
I’m looking forward to working closely with Tommy Haas and Elina Svitolina next season, passing on my experience where possible. One of our squad students 'Naca' recently took out Day 2 of the Boorondara Grand Slam Tournament! A sensational effort from Naca who has been making some big improvements in his game over recent months! From all the team at Slice Tennis Coaching we want to say well done to him on his win, and wish him all the best in his upcoming season here at the Eley Park Tennis Club!
Some sad news for Rafa fans as the Spanish supertar has now officially pulled out of the Australian Open 2013.
Well it certainly came down to the wire for the Green Team Crew at yesterdays T4 Tournament! A huge congrats to Nick Dobson (Black Team) & Chris Finiotis (Green Team) for taking out the tiltles!

Thank you to all of the team that participated and the parents, friends and family who attended and supported the event again this term. The MLC Tennis Hotshots tournament round robin, was the perfect format for our recent tournament! After another term of the Slice Tennis Coaching 'Play Sessions' we will be returning in term 3 bigger and better! Commencing on the 28th of July will be the next round of 'Play Sessions' and we look forward to seeing everyone back in action!
Well done to one of our favorites here at Slice Tennis Coaching Melbourne, Roger Federer for his victory at The Madrid Open 2012. Over the last term Slice Tennis Coaching students have had the chance to play a modified competition at Eley Park Tennis Club, every saturday morning.
Each week students would compete against other students from the local area on either full or modified courts. This is one of the more difficult types of tennis serve, but even if youa€™re a beginning player, Ia€™d suggest you stick around while I address the topic. What happens as the ball is leaving your racquet is every bit as important, if not more so, than what happens at the moment it makes contact.
The brand is rolling out its bottoms that come with built-in compression shorts underneath and add a pop of color as well (come in grey mist with hot lava and classic charcoal with volt). Serena did the quarter marathon and finished in one hour, 14 minutes before singing a little karaoke with her sisters, including Venus. Thank you so much to our volunteers, sponsors, runners, and fans who made today so special.
Perfect timing for the new Adidas 2015 Barricades to be released (and if he can’t pull of the purple, the black and red would be perfect for him. I tried out the Babolat Play with connected tennis in August and I feel empty when I hit the court without it. But after some time on court, you’ve got to eat, so… Do you want to build a snowman waffle?
Stylish Jo in the magazine talks about his off-court style including a pricey sofa purchase! In town for the IPTL, Ana wore winter white as she viewed the critically acclaimed film, The Theory of Everything.
Sportswear has evolved a lot since my early playing days, but ellesse remains a top player in tennis and I’m proud to join them at an exciting time for the brand. Elina has been a very exciting player to watch on the WTA Tour this year, and she’s definitely a hot prospect in the women’s game. 2015 also looks set to be a big year for Tommy Haas, as he comes back from the shoulder injury which has troubled him this season.
This is a massive blow for fans hoping to see the return of this chamption on Australian soil.

We hope everyone had a great time, and we are now looking forward to the next one in T1 2013! Well done again to all of the kids (30 + of them) who turned out to make the event such a success!
Well done again to all the participants and the parents who helped out throughout the term!
The event got some big attention with the addition of blue clay courts at the event, rather than the traditional red!
All of the students have been loving the oppurtunity to play real tennis matches in Red, Orange & Green formats. The 'Play' sessions were a huge success with William Roland & Ben Denmead taking out the titles in Term 1. You may not be able to step out on the court and use this serve tomorrow, but file it away for future reference a€“ it will definitely come in handy later on as you build your skill level as a player.One popular misconception about the tennis slice serve is that ita€™s something which is much better suited to left handed players. Curl around the ball as you finish the swing and youa€™ll have a slice serve that will amaze your friends and frustrate your opponents before you know it.Like any other techniques, perfecting the tennis slice serve takes time and of course, plenty of practice.
This year, the tennis book pickings were slim, but I was pleased to find You Can’t Make This Up by Al Michaels and tennis writer extraordinaire Jon Wertheim. Participants range from squad tennis kids to MLC Tennis Hotshots & Techno Tennis students from all around Melbourne.
Admittedly, left handed players like myself have a slight advantage here, but no matter whether youa€™re left or right handed, this is something that you can do.
Ita€™s not going to happen overnight, but if you give yourself some time to work on this one and remember to be patient with yourself, the results will be more than worth the time and effort you put into developing this advanced serve technique. As you may already know, what sets a slice apart from your garden variety tennis serve is sidespin. One thing to keep in mind is that when you use a slide slice serve, youa€™re getting minimal (if any) topspin on the ball, so youa€™re not going to be able to aim too high.
This is another reason why this tennis serve is something for more advanced players looking to take their game to the next level.The key to the tennis slice serve is really in the follow through. What you need to do is to bring your racquet down and around your body, using your wrist to very slightly turn the angle of your racquet inwards as you go. However, ita€™s your shoulder which really does the work here a€“ bring it down and around.

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