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The Tinius Olsen H5KS Benchtop Tester incorporates the latest advanced technology and quality engineering to give you the ultimate in durability, convenience, accuracy and ease of use.
The Charpy impact test, also known as the Charpy v-notch test, is a standardized high strain-rate test which determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture.
Powerful as a stand alone unit, the H5KS has capabilities that are enhanced by direct connection to a printer to produce a high resolution graph and comprehensive test report.

This absorbed energy is a measure of a given material's toughness and acts as a tool to study temperature-dependent ductile-brittle transition. The H5KS has a robust control unit with a backlit LCD display that can be positioned for optimum visibility. Test parameters are set through this console and a real time graph is displayed on the screen during the test.

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