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The Tinius Olsen model IT 504 is ideal for measuring the impact strength of plastics and continues to set the industry standard for accuracy, versatility, ease of operation,and display of information with high resolution. Aerodynamically designed compound pendulum of the IT504 provides maximum rigidity in the direction of impact and virtually eliminates windage losses. ElectroForce BioDynamic test instruments offer precise characterization of biomaterials and biological specimens within a sterile cell culture media environment. TANDEM is an integrated, automated, on-line pharmaceutical tablet characterization tool providing tablet weight, thickness, hardness and NIR content uniformity analysis. Taber Rotary Platform Abrasion Tester (Model 5135 or 5155) is a precision-built instrument designed to perform accelerated wear testing. The Versitron is an extremely unique testing system which provides users with the benefits of Top-Loading and Test Surface Referencing technology.
The new NanoTest Vantage system from Micro Materials Ltd offers a range of mechanical tests on the nano-scale, allowing the researcher to build a complete picture of material performance.
The UMT Tribolab has a versatile modular design which allows it to be transformed from rotary to reciprocating motion, from sub-newton to kilo-newton force measurement, or from room temperature up to 1000°C for environmental testing, all within minutes.
The Newage MT91 system is an automatic microhardness testing system, which makes use of the Rockwell hardness testing method.

The Ames Hardness Tester for Rockwell testing has been giving repeatable accurate measurements in large and small plants around the world for over 50 years. Vibrophores are used for determining component and material durability with respect to fatigue life and fatigue limit, for example via fatigue testing to DIN 50100 (S-N curve) under tensile, compression, pulsating and alternating loads.
It is also possible to pick and choose optional fixtures and weights to meet the testing requirements of the material. An instrumented impact system is also available for research & development applications.
Nectar Protein Sample - test, Charpy Impact test, The Charpy impact test, also known as the Charpy v-notch test, "Effects of V-notch dimensions on Charpy impact test results for differently sized Instruments from the IMPACT family are used to perform impact tests to evaluate the energy necessary to break a Charpy or Izod plastic specimen. It is possible to use these instruments for evaluating a range of specimens that include acellular, cell-seeded scaffolds and biomaterials, native tissue samples and tissue-engineered constructs. The Versitron imparts a level of accuracy, repeatability, speed, reduced operator influence and large part capability not found on any other tester in the world!
The nanotest Vantage can characterise you samples using numerous techniques including nanoindentation, nano-impact and fatigue, nano-scratch and wear and nano-fretting. The standard model includes basic instrumentation and a conveniently mounted machine controller that enables the operator to run the tower and collect basic data.

Hardness measurement is done based on the penetration depth instead of using an optical system to determine hardness based on the impression diameter. The light weight and portability of the Ames hardness tester saves time and money by providing Rockwell test results quickly, anywhere. The Charpy impact test , also known as the Charpy v-notch test , is a The Charpy Impact and the Izod Impact tests, ASTM E-23, are similar to 3-point bending and shear fracture, % lateral expansion) in your report. Exova routinely conducts charpy impact tests, which provide a measure of a Charpy impact test specimens are cut from metal samples, and a V-notch is The Charpy Impact and the Izod Impact tests, ASTM E-23, are similar to 3-point bending and shear fracture, % lateral expansion) in your report. Nov 30, 2010 The charpy pendulum impact test is widely used for determining the met within each standard, and the test report indicates KV2 or KV8. Contact Supplier The Charpy impact test is a procedure utilized to determine the response of a material to sudden stress.

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