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O Parque Industrial conta com 4 fornos de inducao, 2 fornos de Tratamento Termico, 5 misturadores de areia de alta rotacao, 2 Jatos de Granalha, 2 Regeneradores de Areia, etc.
We have obtained the test frame we are pretty sure went with this controller and are now adding it to the listing.
We are not completely sure what this was used for and we don't know what the link to Instron is other than the calibration or service sticker shown below. Tinius Olsen is the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension and-or compression materials testing machines.

Overall width of the test frame is about 41 inches with a front to back distance of about 39 and a vertical height of about 87. Click cavlon99 all to see items from the past 30 days-might be something you need that did not sell. MODEL EM 327, CAPACITY 10,000 LBS, MANUALLY OPERATED, PENDULUM TYPE, VERNIER SCALE, EXCELLENT CONDITION, SHIPPING WEIGHT 2400 LBS. KIG Inc - New and Used Temperature Control Units from Wittmann, ConAir, Advantage, and more!

Esta capacitado a produzir 12.000 toneladas por ano de pecas brutas em Acos Carbono, Acos Baixa Liga, Acos Ferramenta, acos resistentes a corrosao, Ferros Cinzentos e Ferros Nodulares.
When temperature gets too high, the cooling function, which is achieved through the onboard fan and coil, will activate.

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