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Rockwell Hardness TesterTinius Olsen has many types of hardness testers available that can rapidly and accurately determine the hardness value of a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, large parts, small precision parts.
High Energy Impact TestersTinius Olsen manufactures a several high capacity pendulum impact testers, most of which can be that can be easily changed from a Charpy configuration to an Izod configuration, or even to a tensile impact configuration.
These machines have a number of different features and accessories that ensure safe and reliable testing while maintaining accuracy and repeatability of the results. Super LTinius Olsen’s hydraulic testers have long been recognized as the standard for accuracy, dependability, and versatility in universal testing machines. Now more than ever, the SL series represents the highest standard in hydraulically powered universal testing machines. Super L (High Capacity)Tinius Olsen has extended its popular Super “L” line of hydraulic testing machines to include machines that operate up to 600,000 lbf (3,000kN). Typical applications include testing reinforcing bars, standard plate and rod specimens, concrete cylinders, and other critical materials and products.
Torsion TestersFor maximum torsion testing versatility and capability, Tinius Olsen offers a full range of torsion testing machines in capacities from 1,000 to 30,000 Nm. All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. CM Furnace; primarily used for sintering mutiple specimens simutaneously in required atomosphere (Argon, Hydrogen etc), a 1700oC maximum temperature can be achieved.
If you spend a lot of time looking at data sheets you have probably noticed a trend over the last several years in how the melt flow rate (MFR) is reported. If the material supplier provides both MFR and MVR data, once you make this conversion you will notice that the numbers are similar but usually not identical.
But when converting from PS to, for example, PE, the tendency is to multiply by the ratio of the density values provided on the data sheet. By weighing the extrudate that comes through the orifice during this displacement, the melt density of any material can be calculated. Comments are reviewed by moderators before they appear to ensure they meet Plastic Technology’s submission guidelines.
We are using Malvern Viscotek HTGPC system since 2012 and the system is working satisfactorily. In addition, it has a space-saving console with a smaller footprint and comfortable working height design. The pattern is set at the beginning of the test and as the test starts the stage keeps shifting the specimen at the measurement location just below the indenter.
These testers come in several capacities and are designed primarily for determining the impact resistance of metals and are designed to fully comply with the specifications outlined in ASTM E23, BS EN ISO 148-3, BS EN ISO 148-2 and ISO 442.

These features include, motorised return, electric brake, 'Low Blow' impact where machine capacity is reduced by limiting the release height of the pendulum, safety shields and a variety of result display options. It features a patented dual-pressure hydraulic loading system and a rugged four-column construction for exceptional load frame rigidity.
In addition to the enhanced standard frames, we have modified machines to accomodate special needs at these high capacities. The Tinius Olsen Super “L” has long been recognized as the standard for accuracy, dependability, and versatility in hydraulic testing machines and the many thousands of machines in use around the world attest to this fact.
These uniquely superior torsion testers provide loading and weighing capabilities in both directions of rotation. Be sure to examine the software products to determine which package is right for your application. This furnance provides a possibility to compare the performance of differernt materials under identical sintering conditions.
Along with, or instead of, the MFR, a new line item is appearing called the melt volume rate (MVR). When you go into most plants, if people are weighing parts they are recording the results in grams. First, all of the equations in rheology that contain a term for flow rate use a volumetric flow rate, not a mass flow rate.
The white pigment is likely to be TiO2, a pigment with a density that is over three times higher than that of the polymer. The piston that is used to force the material through the orifice has two scribes on it that are exactly 1 in.
We have one more step in this process and that is to review some limitations of the method. Machines are designed for use in Research and Quality Control to measure material’s strength and performance. The after sales service and application support from Malvern AIMIL is found to be satisfactory. Watch this interesting video for complete detail or visit FH6 Interactive Product Web Spot. All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed Horizon software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system.
All Super “L” systems are guaranteed to meet ASTM, ISO, and other national and international specifications for accuracy. This feature makes it possible to conveniently determine not only the ultimate torque load of a specimen, but how that specimen behaves under conditions of continuous or intermittent torque loading in both directions.

This is an important property because it is a different number than the solid-state density that is typically provided on the data sheets. But these are solid-state densities and polymers are not solid when they are in the barrel, or at least we hope not. If it is added at a loading of 4%, it can raise the density of the final compound by approximately 10%.
So if you have one supplier of a given material that lists only MFR and the other lists only MVR, you must know the melt density of the polymer in order to convert.
He has more than 35 years of experience in the plastics industry and assists clients with material selection, designing for manufacturability, process optimization, troubleshooting, and failure analysis.
Essentially, each torsion tester comprises a variable speed drive loading system and a digital control and indicating system in a fixed unit. We have spent billions of dollars over the last 20 years to adopt ISO standards for just about everything we do in industry, but we just cannot seem to let go of our antiquated system of units, with notable exceptions such as the automotive industry, where the change to SI units has been effectively mandated.
So it is somewhat of a mystery as to why we would go out of our way to backtrack to a unit of flow that uses cubic inches instead of cubic centimeters. It is also an important conversion factor for determining the capacity of an injection unit on a molding machine. The melt density of HDPE is only 80% of the solid-state density, so the barrel capacity in HDPE is actually a little less than 24.5 oz. Denser materials appear to be flowing faster simply because the material collected from the instrument is heavier. The black pigment may be carbon black, which has essentially the same density as the polymer and therefore does not influence the density of the final compound.
The instrument can be set up to begin monitoring the test when the piston travel reaches the first scribe line and the test will end when the piston reaches the second line.
Some of these have not gained traction in the industry while others are still in the early stages of development and show a great deal of promise in expanding our understanding of the practical aspects of polymer flow. The weighing head with its strain gage torque sensor is mounted on a moveable unit which can positioned on the rails to accommodate specimens of varying lengths.
Many people in the industry are aware of the fact that the shot sizes are given in terms of general-purpose PS. MFR tests that show a 10% higher value for the white material would appear to suggest that the white material is of a lower average molecular weight, when in fact the two materials would be identical when viewed in terms of MVR.

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